Written by peternorth

11 Nov 2011

I am a 11 years older than my wife Emma i used to run a football team and the players were all in their late teens 18, 19 and 20 and a few months older than Emma i already had a house in the country and some of the lads would come out and have a drink and party and stay over sometimes and we would have a good laugh.

I knew that most if not all the players in the team fancied Emma as she is slim, attarctive,legs to die for and 34E boobs the lads used to joke about and feel when they got the chance. I also wouldnt be surprised as to how far she let some of them go with her as had seen her kissing and rubbing our best mans cock for him one time and she does love sex.

Well one week after a game a few of the lads said how about going to a fancy dress do at one of the football clubs for a laugh in a couple of weeks time as we had no game that weekend and it was near our house and i said they could crash out at ours. A few took it serious a couple just threw a sheet over their heads going as Romans i wasnt driving so had a couple of drinks and i noticed my glass filling itself so i went along with the game.

As Emma had dressed as Sandy(olivia Newton John) in Grease with the spray on trousers she got from somewhere and a very similar top she was drawing alot of attention, when i went to the bar i heard acouple of guys saying that they would like to fuck that one (Emma).

I knew what the lads had in mind get me pissed and get Emma to have some fun with them, the lads were all up dancing with her her bum was gettin lots of attention as the trousers were so tight she couldnt wear anything under them.I pretended i was pissed to see how far things would go i was taken off to sleep it off in our box room which is opposite our bedroom, i could hear some shouting going on in our lounge and sneaked down the stairs to see the lads had got Emmas top off she was passed around the 5 lads who had come back with us, her boobs were pinched,mauled,sucked and i could see she was getting turned on more each time she went to the next lad as she was rubbing her hand over their trousers and even putting her hand in their pants to feel them.

Then Mike our Best man said how about trousers off the lads all stripped naked as Emma looked around her,Mike said your looking over dressed Emma and walked up to her and peeled those trousers off her legs and he knelt down to kiss her shaven pussy before announcing every one upstairs, i dashed up first dived in the box room pretending to be fast asleep. One of the lads looked in on me to make sure i was asleep as i could see the light as he opened the door, he pulled the door to and left to join the others i opened the door a small way to give me a chance to see into our room it helps because we had mirror doors in there and a big mirror on the wall.

I looked in to see Emma spread out on the bed with 5 pairs of hands touching her body, Mike got between her legs and licked Emmas pussy before getting up between her legs to slde his cock into her, i could see Emma was in a high state of arousal and was cumming frequently with all the touching. Mike had been fucking her a few minutes until he came inside her, to be quickly replaced by one of the others, Emma was now sucking a cock and rubbing 2 more.

The next couple of hours went on like this and all the lads were sucked by her and fucked her as well (thank goodness for the pill) until they were all tired and exhausted and they all fell asleep.

I woke up early took my Polaroid camera out went in to our bedroom and took half a dozen photos of them all asleep Emma in the middle of our bed with a hand on one worn out cock with a lad either side of her with their arms over her,one lad asleep on our chair and 2 asleep on our floor.

I went in and woke them up at about 10am you have never seen 5 lads get dressed so quick and leave my house, i still tease Emma every now and then when i show her the photos.