Written by extratime

22 Jan 2016

my name is Jim I am 76 and I would say a dirty old man, don't get me wrong I may be old but I still love fucking, and I can do it well. I am lucky to have a big cock it is 10 inches and very fat I can stand a large aerosol can next to it and it is about the same length and thickness. I have been divorced for 28 years and live next to a lovely couple in their late 40's early 50's.

anyhow last Saturday night I was sat in a local pub having a drink alone when Alison the wife of the neighbours mine walked in alone , she said that her hubby was away in London ,she had been out with her friends but they had gone home ,she had been walking by and had seen me so she came in .she is quite good looking, brunette,. with a great body , with good pair of big tits. she had ,had a few to drink and was tipsy. we were sat on tall bar stools and every now and then she moved and her short dress kept riding up and showing a lot of leg , at one point she moved back and I saw that she had no underwear on and saw her shaved pussy , I said Alison pull your dress down your flashing everything off but she just smiled and said don't be looking Jim.

As we sat drinking she asked about me living on my own, I said it was good but it did get a little lonely from time to time,.last orders went so I rang a tax , Alison said can you drop me at home so I said yes, but once in the car she said tell you what , can I just pick up a bottle of wine on the way back yes if you want well stop off.

we got to our street and got out of the taxi, I thought I will take a chance and asked Alison if she was drinking the wine on her own or sharing, she said you can have a glass I will come to yours Jim. and as she went in first , she said she needed the loo and went straight upstairs, as she walked up the stairs I got a good look up her dress ,at her ass and pussy. I started getting hard. She came back down saying she needed that and we sat on the couch and I poured the wine, she was sat showing a lot of thigh so I thought I will try my luck. I said I was going to get changed,so I went to my bedroom ,took one of my Viagra pills and put on a short bathrobe. I went and sat down ,but this time sat opposite in a chair , Alison looked over ,so I opened my legs and let her see my cock , and she said Jim close your legs you are showing your bits off. at that I went and sat near her ,making sure she could see it. Alison moved over and said my you are a big boy aren't you and at that I opened my robe and my cock sprang up, Alison gasped and moved over and wrapped her fingers around it, she asked how big it was so I told her around 10 inch, as she started wanking me slowly she bent down and started licking it, then sucking it. it was then that I noticed her dress zipped up the back so I started unzipping it, and it opened up and fell off her. she was now naked,and as she sucked me her tits were rubbing against my leg .so I ran my hand down her back to her pussy and started fingering her she was very wet. I slid in a couple of fingers and wanked her, playing with her arse too, she was getting going so I said come on lets go to bed ,so stood in just her heels ,I took off my robe and we went to the bedroom with her hand around my cock.

as we got on the bed I told her I had taken something and I could stay hard for a good hour even when I have come .I lay back and she sucked me off,even letting me cum in her mouth ,I was still hard and she said she wanted fucking, I said just let me get you ready to take it and slid down to lick her pussy, after about 10mins or so I got her doggy style got behind her and fucked her hard and fast .as I put my full length in her she was saying god yes keep going I am cumming, I was fucking her telling her that normally she's on the other side of the wall and I wank about her a lot, thinking of her in bed and watching her coming and going. I fucked her for a good half hour till we were both sore, she let me cum in her, she slid down licking my cock clean and telling me she had lost count of her orgasms. she stayed the night and we fucked next morning but as I came up her I soon went limp. she went home ,saying I wont forget that in a hurry I will probably see you next week ,don't say anything will you , I said don't be stupid it is our secret .she told me we might do it again soon