Written by LFC win or lose

23 May 2007

The neighbours are my age late 50s and I get on well with Lyn as I am home all day. Today as I came in with my paper I said hello and said is Dave off today as his car was in the drive. No he has buggered off to Athens and left a note!! I was just about to say lucky sod when I saw her filling up so I went in the drive put my arm around her and said now do not cry. That was it she was in floods so I took her inside and she started . He takes me for granted never pays me any attention, I am not a bad wife am I. A torrent!! All I want is a bit of tenderness and loving. As she said that I turned her head to speak to her and she was on my lips in a flash. Now she is a trim little thing small tits but a nice arse and a nice face. So I was not complaining. She dragged me to the settee and my hands were all over her pulling off her top and dragging off her skirt . Her bra and panties were next and I was kissing everything. .I got my Tshirt off thank God it was sunny this morning and then my jeans socks and shoes. My fingers were fucking her and she was soaking wet. As they slipped in and out of her cunt I slipped my little finger in her arse hole. She busked gasped and said oh yes. So I finger fucked both holes till my wrist was aching. Suddenly she shouted I am coming I am coming. Thank God next door is a deaf old lady! I turned her round and started fucking her doggy style, nice and slowly then I thought as she liked a finger in her arse maybe my 6" it felt bigger! would please her up her crack. So I slowly placed it at the rim. What what are you doing she gasped . Fucking your arse Lynn relax and enjoy. But I have never . Shh I said and gradually slipped right in . She relaxed and I went in and out slowly but after 20 seconds or so I slipped out and she yelped. I am sorry hurt? No No put it back and fuck my arse . So I did until I came. I pulled out and she was down on my cock like a terrier on a rabbit. I twisted her round and we 69d until I was stiff and ready to fuck again. I stated to fuck her doggy again but she said no fuck my arse till I cum. I said play with your cunt while I do it and so she did. She came with me in her arse and I thought she was going to crush my cock. As I pulled out she fastened her mouth on my cock and I came in her mouth. I fell back spent and sweaty. Was that good she said .Too fucking right I replied and you? Dan you are going to have to fuck me again later is that ok? As I am married I said well I am going to watch the match but bollocks I will tape it tell the missus I am watching it in the pub and I will be back at 730. I am writing this at half time and I will tell you whathas happened tonight later