Written by LFC win or lose

24 May 2007

Well the match is over and so is my first full game with Lynn. When I returned at 730 she was just wearing a dressig gown and a grin. As I entered she told me that she had been in the bath on and off since this morning as her "bum" was sore. I apologised and said as it was all so sudden I forgot about lubrication in my excitement. Dont worry she said I am sorted now and anyway the discomfort was worth it. Without any further coment she stripped me dropped her dressing gown and proceeded to suck my cock and squeezing my balls. I moved her to the couch and lay her down with her head on the arm. I stood at the side and fed my cock into her mouth. I proceeded to fuck her mouth which took my full cock without any discomfort for her. She sucked and sucked until I spurted down her throat. She gagged a little but continued. I proceeded to put her full on the couch and started to eat her cunt. I noticed her arse was sticky and when I came up for air I mentioned it and she smiled and said she had been to the chemist for something to ease her passage and mine!! My cock started to revive! I licked and sucked and fingered her cunt and she came. Fuck my arse now she said and I did with great pleasure from behind whilst fingering her cunt. I lasted a long time I must say and came when she bucked and her arse gripped me tight. She proceeded to play with and suck my cock until I eventually got hard again. Then I fucked her cunt doggy style again and she came again. Then I was fucked completely. I am 59!! We cudled and she told me she wanted more on a regular basis if I was willing. Am I you bet. So losing in Athens was sad but I think the cumming months will be fun and I will be fully fit for what comes my way.