Written by Graham and Corrine

12 Jul 2007

Cutting the grass at my next door nieghbour's this morning led to an interesting session in the greenhouse. Sandie passed by and saw me. She asked if Corrine was in so I said she should be.Two minutes later she was back saying that she had just gone out.

She came into the garden and said she wondered how Monique's flowers were doing compared with hers. I said I hadn't looked today, so she went off to the greenhouse.

A few minutes later I heard Sandie call and went after her to see if there was a problem.There she was standing in the middle of the greenhouse with her zip fronted dress open showing me the works, small naked breasts with rosy aureoles and upturned nipples and a tidily trimmed cunt.

I entered and she asked if I fancied what I saw. It was a silly question. Well come on deal with me she said.

It was very public, the garden being below street level at this point and anyone could pass by and look down.

By now she had moved in close, undone my zip and taken my cock in her mouth. She couldn't take it all as she only had a small mouth but her sucking and licking soon meant my spunk was travelling down her throat.

I lifted her up onto the bench and taking her small breast in my mouth I soon had her squirming with pleasure as I twirled her nipple with my tongue. My fingers slid into her moistening crack and found her clit. Massaging it soon brought her off, juices running down her thigh onto the bench. She scooped them with her fingers and sucked her juices noisily.

She inched her cunt forward to the edge of the bench so it was at the right hieght for my cock to enter her. I pushed my knob end into her entrance and she took the rest in her hand and began to wank me off. It was super feeling, my knob end in her hole throbbing as she rubbed my skin back and forth. I told her I was about to come so she stopped and said get deep in to me.

I pulled her towards me and she hooked her legs round me. Thrusting slowly at first and then increasingly faster I was soon pumping spunk deep into her, her hot juices bathing my cock at the same time. Pausing for breath I looked up and saw Corrine leaning over the wall watching us and giving us a round of applause.

Sandie and I tidied up and went round to our house where we had a glass of wine with Corrine and an interesting if exhuasting threesome afterwards.