Written by NaughtyLeighMan

2 Feb 2010

ive been working with nicola now for almost 3 years, from day 1 there was always that little spark between us, flirting with each other at every opportunity, the occasional playful slap on the arse as i went past !

that all changed one weekend when we were working together alone, normaly theres at least 5 in on a weekend but this week just me and nicola alone in the office

at first i thought something was wrong as she was pretty quiet, which is unusual, and after chatting i found out she'd discovered her husband hadd been having an affair and was leaving her, she was a little upset and obviously being so close i offered her a hug for comfort, this is where it all went wrong (or right !!), she raised her face to give me a peck on the cheek, but this turned into a long deep kiss, her hands wrapping around me, i couldnt wait, slipping my hands to her very pert firm bum, squeezing gently and lifting her onto my desk, her legs wrapped around me and i could feel my cock gettign harder every second. nicola looked at me grinning calling me a bad boy, taking advantage of her, even as she started unfastening my pants, her hands grabbing for my cock as it burst from my pants, she slowly started wanking me off, then pushed me into my chair, standing up in front of me she lifted of her fitted blouse, her body was perfect, id always dreamed of getting my hands on her and now it was coming true, istarted kissing her stomach, working up to her tits, unfastening her bra with one hand as my other was gently teasing her through her pants, she was moaning already as i teased her nipple with my teeth, my hands now free i slowly peeled her pants down, puching her back onto my desk, working my way down her body i could smell her pussy so wet through her panties, plling them down i slowly started to eat her out, she was screaming in pleasure, then she surprised me by starting to finger herself as my tongue was inside her, now this drove me wild and i wanted her so much, standing up i stood before her, my cock throbbing in anticipation watching her finger herself, she grinned at me naughtily, biting her lip as she whispered huskily fuck me, fuck me im almost there, now this was all i needed and i slipped my cock into her dripping pussy, fucking her slowly on my desk, her moans getting more and more frantic then she started panting in pure pleasure, her hands reaching for me before shuddering beneath me and groaning loudly, as i pulled out she looked at me again her hands carressing her pert nipples cum on me she begged as i climbed onto the desk, my cock in hand wanking myself off all over her fantastic body my cum spraying all over her tits

without a doubt the best saturday ive ever worked, cant wait for next weekend !!!