Written by andy

17 Jul 2012

I just had a nice day on the beach in brighton, so dressed in a pair of short shorts no teashirt headed back home & stopped in a laybye cafe for a cuppa just outside Brighton, l was then approached by a young man & he asked if l was going near Guildford l said yes so he asked if he could have a lift there,seemed like a nice lad so l agreed l finished my cuppa & off we went. We did the local chat then he saw a copy of H& E on my dash which l’ d picked up on the beach, asked if he could have a look no problems l said, with that he opened the mag & another mag fell out & it was full of men wanking & such like, wow he said so horny so l had a quick glimse as l was driving oh nice l said got lucky with 2 mags & laughed, the lad said it’s not yours then no l said picked it up off the beach. We where about half way & l needed a pee there was a place l know quite secluded for such things so l pulled over & said l need a pee good idea the lad said can l join you, with that the lad followed me in to the cut out nice & private here l said, so l dropped my shorts to the ground stepped out of the & hung them on a bush & started to pee & pulling my foreskin back as l was peeing the lad just watched me wanking whilst peeing, l said l thought you wanted a pee oh yes he said & pulled his cock over the top of his shorts & started doing the same as me, well l said how uncomtable is that take your shots off far more nicer, good idea he said slightly embarrassed so he dropped his shorts & hung them next to mine he also took his tee-shirt off as well wow this feels good,l’d stopped peeing & carried on wanking, he started to wank as well so l asked if l could help him please he said so l held his balls & played with his cock he was loving it ,then l felt his balls tighten & he short his load all over me & him so l went down & cleaned his cock licked it nice & clean. Then l noticed him take some cum on his finger & lick it, yum very tasty, with that l asked would he like to taste mine please he replied, so he went down on my cock & gave it the best bj l’ ve ever had & swollewed the lot, thanks he said so l replied the pleasure was all mine. So we got to Merrow, l dropped him off gave him my card & said call we’ll do it again some time & he did.