Written by G Evans

16 May 2010

She never fails to dissapoint me in her choice of dress and tonight was no exception; as i entered the bedroom the candles were lit and she stood there in her new high heels shoes, silk french knickers and matching bra, sheer black hold up stockings and ar armless thin cardigan which barely covered what was underneath.

I could feel my erection growing immediately.

She asked if i liked what i saw, the answer was obviously yes.

Slipping off her cardigan she bent over the bed so that i could see her perfectly well rounded ass. Rubbing myself up against it she could feel my cock hard against the opening of her ass, we'd never done it that way before and i doubted if i was going to get much joy there tonight; i knew what she liked though and i started to rub her ass through the silk of her knickers, just slipping my fingers under the edge to have skin on skin.

I started to spank her lightly with the paddle, she reponsded in short gasps of pleasure as i increased the pressure.

Kneeling down i started to pull the silk underwear aside and kiss her ass all over, avoiding the forbidden hole but letting the tongue linger there for an instant.

She stood up and then sat down back on the bed; she grasped my cock and slipped it into her warm inviting mouth, her bright red lipstick making the whole event more sensual; i could feel it slipping in and out of her wet mouth and she realised if she carried on i was going to come.

She undid her bra and lay back on the bed; i climebed on top and started to kiss her breasts, not huge but big enough, teasing her nipples till they were fully erect; slowly i moved donw her body, reaching the part i knew she loved to be kissed; sliding her knickers down her legs she parted her legs wide and i moved back to the moist mound and started to lick her clitoris; she started to poush against me and we continued doing that for a while; reaching under the pillow i found the dildo and turned it on, the batteries kicking intl life and making a soft buzz; continuing with the licking i inserted it into her wet hole, simulating a cock fucking her slowly and deep; she arched her back and pushed my head harder against her;i knew she was ready to come and it didn't take long before her body shook and the waves of pleasure rippled all over her.

I knew what was going to be next; she pulled herself up and then crouched down on all four, she loved doggy style and i didn't want to dissapoint her; guiding my cock between her i started to move slowly against her, then increasing and increasing as she cried out for me to fuck her as hard as i could, i duly obliged and it didn't taske long for me to shoot my load deep up inside of her.

Not bad for a 52 year old, a very sexy 52 year old at that.