Written by Jane

1 May 2008

It had been awhile since we had any fun involving another guy or couple , but out of the blue it happenned. Steve and I were having a night out in Yarm with the idea of going for a few drinks then on to the Indian Restaurant for a meal.It was after we had been in the first two bars that I noticed a really good looking guy across the room , he was about 30 with two of his mates, but no matter which way I looked he always caught my eye.Steve noticed me looking and commented that I must like the look of him , to which I replied that I most certainly did.

It was about ten o\'clock when we were about to go for a meal when I felt a hand brush my bum, turning round I noticed it was him , he just smiled and said sorry. i in turn smiled back.He took that as a invitation to come and chat to me Steve was at the bar , he told me his name was Jamie and he was from Kent, but he was up north on business. Steve came back from the bar and just joined in the conversation, we all got on really well, we told Jamie were going for a Indian and would he like to join us , he said he would be delighted to so off we went. We had a great meal , great conversation and a lot of sexy talk as well, after we paid the Bill , Jamie asked if we would like to go back to his hotel for a drink, I looked at Steve both of us knowing where this was going , next thing we were in the Taxi for the short journey to Jamies hotel.

When we arrived Jamie said we could either go to the Cocktail bar or his room the choice was ours, straight away I said his room.

When we got inside Jamie poured us a drink I settled on the bed , Steve on the Sofa and Jamie on the couch. Steve went to the loo and I knew I was going to make my move , I got up walked over to Jamie and kissed him hard on the lips, pulling him back towards the bed, I could feel his hands lifting my dress and rubbing up between my legs, I in return reached down and felt the front of his jeans mmmmmmmmm it was hard and felt very big. By the time Steve returned I was just taking Jamies boxers of and starting to kiss the head of his cock, Steve just sat down and watched as i Started to suck Jamies cock. Jamie grabbed my hair forcing my mouth further onto his cock until I was gagging , but it just turned me on more. He then pulled me up and told me to get on my hands and knees on the bed, doing as I was told I quickly glanced at Steve to see he was stroking his cock watching Jamie get behind me and start to fuck me really hard , again pulling my hair and pounding into me , he told me he was about to cum and i told him I wanted it in my mouth , he pulled out and I dropped to my knees just in time to take his cum in my mouth , swallowing as much as i could, looking at Steve and feeling a really dirty slut.

After Jamie had spent his load he pushed me back on the floor and started to lick my pussy, biting my lips and clit, forcing his tounge deep into me , I was shaking , I held his head and cum over his tounge calling him a dirty bastard and to take all my juices. We both got up I went to the toilet bathroom to freshen up Jamie poured another drink. He asked if we wanted to stay the night but due to work we declined. he ordered us a taxi and we left.

When we got in the back of the taxi I felt Steves cock the poor man was still hard, after we left the town and got on the country roads I went down on Steve and gave him a blow job Knowing the Taxi driver could see me but to turned on to care, just before we got home Steve shot his cum in my mouth , my second lot that night and just as nice . Steve paid the Taxi driver we went to bed then i realised I had left Jamies number in the room. So jamie if you read this drop us a E mail, we would like to meet you again xx