Written by lisa

10 Jun 2009

I went out the other night with a few of the girls for a drink or two a chat and a laugh, I put on a small thong and bra set a short skirt and a nice low top, hubby had shaved me the other day and was still nice and bald, he had got on my nerves this week so I was going to make a night of it.

After a few hours of flirting fun with a few nice looking guys, one of them asked for my phone number, I said I was married, but he said he didn’t care about him and wanted to lick me all over, a nice thought.

I went to the loo and noticed I was nicely wet, must be the thought of being licked all over. When it was my round I went to the bar, the guy came up behind me in his left hand was his mobile number, he said he would love to give it to me, as their was a lot of people at the bar he was very close behind me and with his right hand he slid it up the backs of my legs and under my skirt, gently caressing my bum cheeks, after a few minuets I opened my legs a little and he traced the outline of my thong over my bum and down to just before my fanny lips, he whispered in my ear how hot and damp I felt, and boy was I getting hot.

Some of the girls left and some went out for a ciggy. only two of us were left and she was being chatted up by my new friends mate, it turns out they were builders, staying in digs while working on a local site. They had very nice bodies and I noticed tom had a nice looking bulge in his jeans, a damm site bigger than my hubby, I thought he must have put a sock in his pants to try and pull.

The guys went to the bank to get more cash, when the girls came back from a fag, we told them we were going home and went out going to go to my mates place just to have the last drop of wine before I went back home, but we saw the guys and they come over to us and ask what we were doing next, Natalie laughed and said she was going to bed and think of them all night until her hubby came home in the morning and gave her what she needed, the guy she had been talking to said he would be able to help her in that department, she grabbed both of them and off they went, with me following.

We go to Nats and she and john as I found he was called went straight up stairs, within minuets you could hear the bed springs and some giggles as they were obviously playing about, I got the drink from the fridge and settled down on the settee where tom slid up to me, kissed me full on the mouth and told me how beautiful I am,

Within seconds his hand was under the front of my skirt rubbing me through the front of my thong, while kissing me deeply, he put my hand on his cock and gave my hand a squeeze. His cock was getting hard and that was no sock in his jeans too, soon we herd Nat coming she was getting fucked very hard by the noise of the bed on the wall and her calling out harder and deeper, every few thrusts, this did turn me on very much.

Tom unzipped his jeans and got out his cock which he told me to wank, god it was big about 8 to 9 inches in length and as thick as my wrist, I only ever saw cocks that big on coloured guys in porn films, I didn’t think they were that big on white guys too, god what have I been missing.

Nat came down for some wine, she was fully nude her face flustered and her chest and boobs red and covered in sweat from having sex, it was then I saw her lips were open and some spunk was running down her leg, she saw me look smiled opened her legs wiped herself with her hand and then licked it clean, grabbing a half full bottle of wine she disappeared back to the bedroom.

Tom pushed my head down towards his hard cock after playing with it for a few minuets, I took it in and sucked as much in as I could, their was no was I was going to get I all in my mouth, but that was now not where I wanted it.

He pulled me up to get my top off after what seemed a eternity of sucking, wanking, and generally having fun with his big cock,

I took off my skirt, top and bra as he stripped of in my mates living room telling me to leave my thong on for the moment, he had his mobile out taking pics of me posing then told me to pull my thong off open myself wide so he could take that pic too and send to john upstairs, I was a bit apprehensive over having my pic on his phone but he said it would only be seen by him and john.

He got me to kneel down on the floor so he could lick my fanny from behind, which he did much to my enjoyment, even licking my bum hole, trying to put his tongue up my bum as well as my pussy, he knelt up behind me and rubbed his cock up and down my pussy, I told him that I was not on the pill and he said he didn’t have any deurex, I didn’t want him to spunk in my pussy and he said he would pull out to come on me anyway. as he to take my picture of his spunk all over my mound and tits.

I turned over and laid on my back as he slowly pushed his cock into me, I felt my pussy lips being pushed inside me as he slowly stretched me wide open, slowly feeling every inch slide into my wet pussy his cock head was touching parts of my insides nothing else ever had, and with a final thrust he was deep inside me and I cum their and then.

He slowly fucked me getting able to push his cock right up me, as Nat did about half an hour before I told him to fuck me harder and deeper, I was building up to cum again when a camera flash brought me to my senses, their was Nat with her camera taking my pic, I didn’t care as I felt me building up to a huge orgasm, as I cum I felt him jerk his cock and tell me he was cuming inside me, I told him to do it come deep in my pussy, he pushed his cock all the way in as we both cum. with the feeling of pain as his cock got to places nothing else had and enjoyment of a huge orgasm, their was nothing I wouldn’t have done then.

As he got off Nat was still taking my pics with john watching rubbing his dick against her bum, they all laugh when I remembered I wasn’t on the pill and she and john got down to it again on the floor next to me.

Soon tom was getting hard again, as we watched Nat and John going at it next to us, her hand playing with Toms cock as she was being fucked again, Tom was rubbing my clit as we watched the show, he got back on me again and was soon humping me again, he made me cum 3 more times as he banged his dick into my stretched pussy, he told me he was going to send me home with more spunk in my pussy and with that spurted another load deep inside me.

As Nat cum again on john, they asked if we wanted to lick each other out before changing partners, I am not into girl like that and said no, seeing it was also late I grabbed my undies put my coat and skirt on and left, leaving her to play with them both.

I got in, the lights were off putting my coat in cupboard I put my clothes in the washing machine and crept upstairs, I got in bed next to hubby with a full pussy of another mans spunk feeling fully stretched. he woke up and started to rub me telling me I was randy as I was a bit wet down below, not saying anything I expected him just to put his average size cock in me for a bit then pull out and spunk on me as he always does. Instead he pushed my legs open and went down on me licking every inch of my pussy, he said it tasted great, I was close to cuming again, mainly due to the thought of him licking the spunk of another man out of me. He fingered my bum as he pushed his tongue inside, got up rubbed his dick against me and pushed it in, he slid in very easily, soon cuming inside me to, at this point I didn’t care, my phone rang as he cum as I looked after it was Nat with a text pic of me and Tom soon after another arrived of them spit roasting her, Hubby asked who it was, I said just the girls asking if I got home ok,

I was so turned on by him licking me out after having sex with another guy and unknowingly licking a guys spunk out and swallowing it, im sure he must have know as he tasted his own cum after I kissed him spitting his own cum into his mouth after giving him a blowjob.

I haven’t told him but am thinking about it, I know he reads this site so who knows,

I sure am looking for another night out with Nat again, she said she has a new friend she would like me to meet but that’s for another time