Written by trapped wife

27 Jan 2011

I have been with my husband for 18 years and for about 10 of those years it has been his fantasy to either watch me with another man or for me to be with another man an tell him the details later. I am 37 years old and a full figured girl and the thought of been with any body else other than my husband never really floated my boat. He as even sat me in front of the computer and got me to read the stories on web site like this one, but as i have said i don’t get turned on by it.

I met my husband when we were both still young (about 19 years old) we had both had partners before we had met and were very open about having done so. at the time of meeting him i had also lost contact with a lot of my friends ,as they had met there partners and moved on (or away from the area)Then i signed up to a social net working site and my old school friends started to contact me again. I got talking to a girl who was in my class at school who we will call Clare she had moved to Preston after we had left and i had not herd from her since, but it turned out that she had moved back home and was now living in the next town to us. i went over so we could catch up and we both got on like we had not been parted. she asked me if i fancied a night out and i excepted. I went home and told my husband all about Clare and said i was going out with her on Friday night. He was happy for me and offered to drive me to her house and pick me up from were ever we ended up. Any way we went out and had a really good night and as promised my husband picked us up and after dropping Clare off started to drive us home but as always he was asking questions about if I had been chatted up and the same answer came strait back NO.

Clare and i went out most weekends after that and i had the same conversation with my husband on the way home. We normally ended up going to the same pubs and getting my husband to pick us up at the same time every week. Clare said we should go to a club for a change so after the usual pubs we headed off to the club we partied until the early hours of the morning, only this time when my husband pick us up and asked those same question the answer was YES. i had been chatted up and had my arse and tits felt. my husband was so excited by this we nearly crashed. Again this carried on for a couple of weeks us going to the club and my self and Clare getting chatted and felt up. Clare always seemed to be getting the same lad but i was getting different blokes all the time. Not that it went any further than been felt up and the odd kiss, but I must say that i enjoyed every bit of it and my husband enjoyed me telling him about how the different men had touched me and how some been more daring than others. when i say daring what i mean is that some would just touch throw my cloths and some would put there hand up my top and under my bra or down my trousers and knickers.

Clare and me always stayed together in the club as we felt safer, but I knew that Clare was getting closer to this lad and had indicated that she wanted to go all the way with him even though she is married as well. Any way we went out and had gone to our usual pubs and low and be hold Clare’s bloke was in the last pub waiting for her. After we had finished our drinks we all moved off to the club. Clare’s bloke went to the bar to get us all drinks while Clare and my self headed off to the loos while in there she told me that she was planning to go to his flat and if her husband said any thing just to say we had gone back to mine for a few bottles of wine. As we headed back to her bloke my arse was squeezed by some bloke that was stood by the fruit machine as I turned to look he smiled and I just kept walking , but as we arrived back to the table were Clare’s bloke was this guy was just behind us. I sat down he said something like not seen you in here before. Clare started to laugh and told him to go away and come up with a better chat up line. The look on his face made me feel sorry for him and I said sit down and have a drink with us. He introduced him self as Brian who was 49 years old We chatted and got on like a house on fire so much so I had not realised that Clare had left. I phoned her mobile and all she said was remember what I said then hung up . As I leaned over to put my phone back in my trousers pocket Brian also leaned over and kissed me. It was the most full on kiss , he really went the whole way and had his tongue down my throat in an instance. While he was kissing me his hand went strait up my top and cupped my tit his fingers rubbing around my nipple. We were stopped by a bloke who wanted to take our picture. To get rid of the bloke we agreed and sat next to each other looking innocent. Brian paid for the picture and then stuffed it in his pocket. We began chatting again and Brian asked if I wanted to go back to his house were we could carry on from were we had left off. I looked at my watch and it was all ready 1 15am and I new that by going back to his house things would go a lot further. I’m not sure what came over me but I decided to go and see if I could go with another man. I text my husband and told him not to wait up and that I would explain when I got home.

Brian said he only lived rounder the corner from the club so we walked back to his house ,as soon as we were in and the door was closed he took hold of my hand pulled my close to him and began to pull my top off . I reached round and undid my bra he bent his head and licked my nipple it felt absolutely wonderful. While he was doing this he opened my trousers and in one pull had them and my knickers round my ankles. As he moved up his fingers went in to my crack and over my clit I must of let out sigh as the sensation went right throw my body he told me to step out of my trousers and as I did he started to walk up the stairs. I followed him and we went in to his bed room. He began to remove his cloths but was still facing away from me. He was soon naked and turned to get on the bed with me. His cock was totally massive both in thickness and in length. My husband has a big cock about 8.5” but this made even that look small. Brian looked at me then down to his cock and smiled. He said I suppose you want to go now you have seen me cock but I could not wait to feel him in me. He started to move down the bed and parted my legs before licking my clit again I let out a sigh as his tongue began working over and around my clit I could feel my self building up to having an orgasm and begged him to place his fingers in me. As soon as I felt his fingers probing around my hole I could not hold back any longer and shook as my orgasm ripped through my body . We then changed over and it was my turn to finally get to hold his massive cock , I ran my tongue over its head a couple of times before putting it in my mouth. I can get my husbands cock down my throat a so that my chin rests on his balls but Brian’s cock was down my throat and I could still get my full hand round the bottom. I never let my husband cum in my mouth but as Brian tensed up I just kept sucking and took his load in my mouth before letting it run out and drip on to my tits. Brian grabbed his phone and took a picture of the cum running down my tits I cleaned up and went back a laid next to him he began to rub my tits and play with my pussy I could feel his cock getting hard and reached down to play with it and give him that extra encouragement as soon as it was hard I climbed on top and took him in me he was so big it hurt like I was a virgin again but as I began to ride him the pain turned to pleasure and I lost count of the orgasms I had before he emptied his load deep in to me I rolled off totally knackered but very pleased that I had come back to his house. we fell asleep but when we woke we carried on again and again I eventually went back home to my husband at 3pm on the Sunday my pussy and tits were sore from all the action they had had. I told my husband what had happened and watched as his cock as it got hard in his pants but told him that I could not take any more, he smiled and as I ran a bath we chatted about the possibility of my sleeping with other men again but for all I had really enjoyed the night with Brian I could not see me doing it again

Later that week while I was on the computer on a social net working site I received a chat request from my uncle I said hi and he told me he new what I had been up to with Brian. He said that Brian worked with him and had shown the picture of us in the club work before showing the one of my cum covered tits I was shocked and did not no what to say . When I call him my uncle it was only through marriage and he is now divorced from my aunty. So I my nervous state I just told him to mind his own business. His reply was even more of a shock as he said he had a copy of the phone picture and would send it round the whole family unless I met him and he could do to me what brain had done . Shocked I said that I would think about it and let him no he sent me his mobile number and said I have until 4pm on Sunday to let him shag me and cum on my tits or the whole family would see what a dirty slut I am. I have not told my husband about this yet but am feeling trapped and will have to do it