Written by cushy

7 Dec 2014

I was playing darts in the pub just before Christmas when I got a text from Nikki.

“Hi, fancy some fun, you can stay all night, bring some booze and ciggies, you can do whatever you want with me”.

Nikki was a single lived with her mum in a two bedroomed flat and I met her off the internet, she had a part time job, who apart from the odd lift, cheap bottle of wine and some ciggies, lets me fuck her, usually during the day at her mums place or at my place during the evening. She is 24, hour glass figure, redhead, really pretty face, almost angelic doesn’t look like the type indeed her mum thought she was a too reserved, little did she know she was a low life slut who fucks strangers and takes them up the arse and swallows, in fact the rougher and dirtier the more she likes it, that why we got on.

She had mentioned she was up for a gangbangs and orgies, but what with her mum, also I believed she was scared to take the plunge for fear she liked it too much.

Well anyway, I was with 4 of my mates who were into gangbanging , so I thought this would be a great introduction.

I text her back asking if she would like 5 cocks.

She rang me back, she clearly wanted it, but she worried about the neighbours, I assured her that we would be very discreet.

So half an hour later, we were outside Nikki’s council flat Nikki opened the door and beckoned us quickly inside, she was looking stunning in a tight sweater that barely encased her heavy tits, her nipples were protruding through like strawberries and tight jeans that encased her large bottom perfectly. There was nervousness about her that I had not seen since our first meets, and I liked it. , I asked the other guys to go through to the lounge. They were clearly impressed.

Nikki looked at the ground as they went past, she looked up at me. Her eyes were wide and almost frightened.

“I reckon we ought to crack on”. I said

Nikki nodded meekly and walked through the her bedroom with me following closely. I told her to strip down to her underwear, she nodded and complied, and her hands shaking as she removed her sweater and jeans. I stripped and then walked into the lounge.

“Ok, lads get you kit off and come through, now no marking her body but other than that you can do what you like”.

I went back to Nikki The lads were naked in double quick time, Nikki was standing in her underwear, 6 men with erect cocks circled her, like the sharks we were, I reached and unhooked her bra, this fell to the ground, I grabbed her head back and kissed her passionately, this pushed her tits outwards I beckoned the men to join in, suddenly two men had their mouths over her hard nipples.

She was roughly pushed onto the bed, her pants pulled down and tongues and fingers started probing her holes, I pulled her cunt open and was delighted to see it was gushing, it was going well.

One of the chaps was a taxi driver who wasn’t in the original line up, but gave us a lift in exchange for a piece of Nikki, was in a hurry to get back to work, we yielded to him as he climbed on top of her and roughly entered her and began thrusting into her, he clamped his mouth over hers, you could see the last vestiges of self respect leave Nikki, as she responded by letting his nicotine stained tongue into her mouth and retuning the favour, sweat pouring off his face he was close to cumming but knowing the code pulled out, straddled Nikki’s face, the first spurt splashing across her face before he thrust his dirty cock inside her mouth and spurted a huge wad of spunk inside her mouth, as he pulled out you could see he’d shot an enormous load, it was all over her teeth and tongue, suddenly Nikki gave a large gulp and his foul white load disappeared down her gullet.

The code in case you were wondering was not to cum inside too early in case the other guys wanted a lick, but that moment was long gone, no tenderness any more, just 5 guys who wanted to get their cocks inside her.

We guys all knew each other, we didn’t care if our bodies or cocks touched, one guy quickly took over from Barry in her cunt, one guy turned her head and thrust his cock in her mouth, another the other side tapping the corner of her dick filled mouth, the rest of us made use of her body the best we could.

I was using her hair, armpits, feet in which to keep my cock nice and hard, watching with lust as my precum detached onto her body and strands of hair. Soon the spunk was flying up her cunt and the guy who was at the side of her face, unable to get into her mouth, was rubbing the tip of his cock around and inserting into her earlobe, soon found out he had a bit of ear fetish by ejaculating in her ear. Her only reaction was to rub the spunk down her neck, she was totally gone now and I knew we could do what we liked to her.

A guy quickly took the other guys place and inserted his cock up her spunky cunt and added his own load followed quickly by another, I decided when her cunt was available I didn’t fancy sloppy fourths, especially as her anus was untouched, this got the guys who’d cum hard again, very quickly at thought of banging her plump tight ass, I hadn’t mentioned she like it up the arse.

Nikki didn’t get must peace as her holes, hands, hair, armpits or anything else on her hot body could be used an improvised vagina, while waiting for another go in one of her holes. By the time the first two guys left she had all of us had been in every hole, and was filled and her and her bed soaked with spunk, sweat, vaginal and anal discharge. The three of us remaining then spent a couple of hours taking turns on her.

She was totally spent, when I threw a duvet over her spunk soaked body and bed and left her to sleep. I went to have a shower and some shut eye on her sofa.

I took her a cup of tea before I left she wasn’t very interested, her body, face covered and her hair matted with dry spunk, pulled open her ass cheeks inserted a finger into her holes that were still wet with the loads shot up her.

I rang her later in the day and whilst she couldn’t believe what a filthy whore she had been, she thoroughly loved it and would do more. I was fucking her during the afternoon later in the week and she said she slept so long she only got her sheets in the machine and the spunk showered off her with minutes to spare before her mum got back in the evening.

Nikki was for time one the most willing depraved sluts I have ever met, she had married but the marriage is not gong well, she is already answering my emails and maybe just maybe she'll be back in the loop, it is what she is best at.