Written by pussycocklover

23 Mar 2017

We are are very happily married couple , K is 46 , blonde size 12 with a body that could belong to someone 10 years younger. I am 52 with an average size cock 6" and no beer belly. We enjoy sex and both enjoy being joined by another man , I am not a cuckold but do enjoy eating Ks pussy out when it is full of cum and have on occasion sucked cock ( which K loves to watch and I must admit makes me hard ) that said I am not bi other than the occasional BJ depending on situation. Whenever we are joined by another man I always start by licking Ks pussy to get her ready while she gets to know them. One of my favourite experiences happened when we had a week away in Cornwall. Basically we were staying in a hotel and got friendly with a bloke called Justin when at the bar. One night after a few drinks K was flirting with Justin who readily joined in and it ended up with her snogging him, nothing more happened that night but later in the room K admitted she fancied him. Next day Justin was a bit apologetic about the night before when we saw him at breakfast, I assured him it was ok and said we would see him later at the bar if he was around. Later that evening he joined us in the bar and as we talked we explained that we occasionally enjoyed someone joining us in bed , he looked a bit shocked at first but soon chilled out . About 9.30 we said we were going to go to our room and asked him if he would join us, he stuttered a bit and said yes. K then said she was going to go up and get into something casual and suggested that we stay and have another drink before joining her. Justin looked nervous so I did my best to reassure him and said that he was free to do whatever with K saying that I would join in but also sometimes watch and let them enjoy themselves. Only conditions were NO ANAL , NO PAIN and if K said no to anything it meant no.

About 10ish we got to the room and K was dressed in a night shirt, I walked in kissed her and she then turned to Justin and gave him a long kiss. Jump in the shower Justin, K said . He did as she said and when he was in there I kissed her and felt her pussy, she had a thong on but I could feel her dampness, Help him relax when I'm in the shower, I said. He came out with a towel around him and I went into the shower.When I came out they were lying on the bed snogging and caressing each other. K had her night shirt undone and Justin was playing with her tits, I could clearly see his cock was hard and oozing pre cum as it poked out of the towel. Justin went to stop when he saw me but I smiled and said carry on. With that K pulled his towel away showing his impressive cock , not massive but about 7" and thick. It was uncut with a large purple helmet and oozing pre cum which had run all over the helmet. I watched as K smeared all over with her fingers making his cock twitch. I slid down and started to kiss her inner thighs working up to her wet knicker gussett, I sucked her pussy through the material, something she loves. I slowly pulled her knickers down then licked all around her wet sweet smelling pussy lips before licking the whole length and finally dipping my tongue into her tight little hole, Mmm. As I looked up over her belly I saw that Justin was now kneeling by her head and K was slowly wanking his cock while teasing his helmet with her tongue. I continued licking and sucking her pussy which was getting wetter and wetter, I could hear K slurping away on his cock and looked up to see he was holding her hair and moaning encouragement to her .I moved away from her pussy moving to suck her tits before going to kiss her, K moved Justins cock briefly from her mouth as I delved my tongue into her mouth. I love the taste and smell when she has been sucking cock, K pulled his cock back to her mouth and said Taste it honey. I quickly slipped his helmet into my mouth and ran my tongue over his helmet tasting his silky pre cum. I love the feel of the hardness and warmth of a hard throbbing cock in my mouth, knowing K has felt the same and is going to have it in her pussy make me feel that I am sharing her experience .I sat and watched as she continued for another minute or so before she asked him to fuck her. Justin moved down between her open legs , his cock bouncing as he moved. He positioned himself so his cock was just in front of her pussy, Tease her Justin I said. With that he started to rub his helmet up and down her pussy lips occasionally slightly pushing his helmet into her tight little hole. I grabbed her legs and held them up so he could slid in nice and deep, K was now begging him to put his cock in her. Justin slowly slid his fat cock into her , I watched as his 7" of fat cock disappeared into the folds of her wet pussy before he slowly withdrew his now shinny wet cock almost to the helmet then pushed it back in. His thick veins were really visible with Ks pussy juices on his cock. Slowly he built up his pumping and he started to pound her tight little hole, I looked at K as she had her eyes closed and moaned with pleasure as his cock started to rub her clit. She started to go red and I knew she was starting to cum, as her orgasm subsided I offered her my cock which she readily sucked. Watching his cock pumping her pussy made me come in her mouth and over her lips. I leaned over and shared a cum covered kiss with her.Justin withdrew his engorged cock and moved K onto all fours, I then slid under her so I could lick her clit as her pumped her pussy As Justin moved behind her I guided his throbbing cock to her pussy hole and watched as as he slid in up to his balls. He began to pump her harder as I licked her clit making her cum in no time, K was licking and sucking my cock hard in between moaning. Justins cock kept sliding over my tongue as I licked her pussy. I could tell he was near cumming as his balls tightened then I could see and feel his cock twitching as he emptied his hot salty cum deep in Ks pussy. Four or five strong jerks and I could hear him calling out he was cumming. As his semi hard cock slipped from her stretched pussy I slipped my lips over it and sucked the last drops of his sticky salty cum from it. Tasting it's silky salty cum and her love juices and smelling his musty cock . His cock slipped from my mouth and K moved onto her back and Justin sat by her and watched as I began to lick and clean the cum from her pussy. Go on honey, get it all clean I'm sure Justin will give me some more. I could hear her telling him how we both loved me licking the cum from her in between her asking me if his cum was nice.Justin agreed it was horny watching another man slurping his cum down.

The night continued with us both fucking K before falling asleep, I woke in the morning to see K on top of Justin riding his cock before she sat on my face and gave me a sticky thick breakfast. We continued to share K for the next 3 nights with Justin and I putting a show on for K ( opened his eyes to cock sucking ) but that's another story if you want to hear.