Written by he is the husband

23 May 2011

If you looked at the last two stores it would help,it was the morning after, I had got up before Heather,and I was in the kitchen when she came down,it did seem a little awkward at first, as you may expect, we where both touch embarrassed,about what had happened I think

For Heather, she had sleep with a almost stranger, Tony, in our marital bed, and for me what I had done after he had gone was more on my mind, and I was sorter hopping she not say to much about that, Heather had showered,and had her dressing gown on, at first the conversation, was more on other thing, as if we din't want to talk about the night before

It was Heather that first brought the subject up,she looked at me and asked, how do you feel about last night now,I said fine, are you sure you don't think it was a mistake,no no I am really fine with it, she went on to say, I laid in bed thinking you maybe be heart or upset,I had to assure her I was okay with it,she was a little worried about my feeling

She went on to tell me how much she loved me, and though what a wonderful husband I was,and how lucky she was to be married to me

(the one thing we didn't know at the time now much it would change our live)

We talked,and lots of thing where said and quite a few question came up for both of us

The big one was where do we go from hear, was this to be a one off or not, Heather asked that,she was happy if it was, I didn't want to stop it, and when I said that she din't really have to say any thing her face said it,it was plane she was keen to take it further, we had a concern about discretion, as we didn't really know Tony that well we realized, things had happened that fast,she had only got to know him from a bar her and her girlfriends use, we talked about him, and decided he was a nice sort of guy we thought,and I did like him as well,Heather mentioned the size of his manhood, she still didn't know I had spied on them, at first she hinted he was very well hung,I said I am sure he is bigger than me, and was told he is, and she had struggled to accommodate him

and did that make a differences to me, I admitted I found that exciting in a funny way, and it was not some thing we where looking for at the time it was by chance he is, I called him her stud, a word that would be use a lot more as time past I was to fined out

It was then I looked and sore that Heather's dressing gown had come open the marks on her neck and breasts had gone dark, I pointed that our we both giggled about it,and said she have to stop him biting her neck

It was late afternoon, and heather phone rang, it was Tony, they talked, she put it on speaker, he was bit tense at first, worried about me I think,so I said to him how are you

that took him aback a little,I went on to say I hear you enjoyed last night, Heather did thanks for that, he was lost for words then,I then let them get on with there chat,after they hung up, Heather told me he is okay with the situation now, over the next few day they talked quite a bit on the phone, it was me that suggested we have him over for a meal so I could get to know him a bit better, it was arranged for the Friday, the nigh before we where in bed I could since Heather's excitement,she wanted to know how far I was prepared to let it go, I told her it be up to her on the nigh,and I had no problem going in the spear room if she wanted me to, she was all over me we had grate sex,next day she was really happy, I got home about six, to fined she was getting the food ready

I set the table, and told her to get ready, by the time I got up to the bedroom she was coming out the shower,she had shaved her pubes,the marks had gone from her boobs and neck she looked wonderful, I told her as she dressed, to look sexy, I picked out a short skirt and a see threw blouse, as she put on back hold up stockings on,she when got a G-string and bra out, I shook my head saying no you are not going out, she giggled saying your right, well she couldn't of looked more sexier,I could easily see her nipples which are quite large the nipple is always prominent on her breast it has quite a large dark areolar it sits on,and they did sand out

When Tony arrived with flowers and wine, I shook his hand, he was a lot more relaxed this time with me, we chatted over the meal, and he is a really nice guy we got a lot of back ground,which seemed okay, we talked about being discreet he did understand that and he would have to be, in the lounge he sat with Heather on a sofa, I was tying not to stare at his crotch there was a hell of bulge there,I asked if he had to rush off,he was happy to stay as long as we like him to,I winked at him saying I think Heather is quite hopping you won't he in hurry,they where holding hands and she seemed to grip his, her skirt had ridden up showing her stocking tops, her nipples seemed to stand out even more, it was me getting the hard on,I told him not to mind me,I court my wifes eye,and said would you mind if I had an early night, she smiled in a knowing way and said you go to bed if you like we will be fine darling,I got up and kissed her, and left them to it saying enjoy your selfs and winked at them and no bits on the neck,

I went to our bedroom and made sure I could see in, I pulled the duvet back so there was the bottom sheet,put both bedside lights on turned the main one off, and went to the room next door,I didn't have to wait long before they came up, I gave them fifteen mints and got our on the flat roof, I looked in our bedroom window to the sight of them both naked in a very passionate embrace on our bed,I noticed my wife was taken a more active roll from the start this time,she had got Tony on his back still kissing,and was holding his still slack dick,I watched as she moved down his body, she lifted it to her mouth, in its semi hard state she got it in her mouth, I was a surprise how quickly it stiffened up,it soon became to much to get more than the helmet in her mouth, after a bit of this he moved round so they when into a sixty nine, so I lost sight of what she was doing, but he was really going for it eating her, he really knows how to do that, she pushed her self up off the bed and arched onto his face,as she climaxed it must of been a really strong one,she made a lot of muffled noise, after that Tony got himself round between her legs, that monster of his swaying,I watched as he lined it up,it was like Heather was waiting for it, he pushed and she gasped, he was not getting to much trouble, getting it up her this time,she seem to only struggle a little this time, that must of been his girth I thought,he must of got it in quite away in she shouted out Christ Tony your fucking big,at the same time her legs lifted off the bed, she gasped really loud, as he started to fuck her, her legs waved in the air, with his movement, Heather got more vocal, she was making the noises I know to well as when she cum with me,but now that noise became almost continues, her body shaking, he was really hammering her now, and the bed was banging on the wall, my wife then almost screamed Tony Tony, she arched herself up to meet him, he didn't slow or miss a beat, Heather made almost animal noises her head rolling from side to side, she collapsed back down, if any thing now Tony was going faster, till he slammed into grunting, his body jerking on top of her, his bum twitched loads of time, he had seeded her, them big balls had emptied inside my wife,I had also cum my lot in my pants with out touching myself, I got back into the next room

I lay on the bed it was all quiet next door, some time later it all started up once more the bed didn't bang on the wall for some time but Heather made quite a lot of noise

In the end I did doze off, it must of been quite a long time later, I woke up with Heather standing there naked, she kissed and said Tony has gone come to bed with me, we where in our bed cuddling each other once more she was telling how much she loved me, we where kissing, and I had my fingers, in her very stretched and really wet and sticky pussy, she whispered do what you did last time, I kissed and licked my way down to her crouch, I liked a very distended clitoris, she gasped, I licked lower her Virgina gaped open, I flicked my tongue inside, there seemed to be even more spunk inside this time I started to suck and lick swallowing lots of it, this time she had her hands on my head holding me there, she had a climax with me doing that, which made even more come out, when it was clean, I came up to put my cock in, but was pushed onto my back, she got my stiff cock in her mouth sucking away, it didn't take long I spunked in her mouth she wallowed the lot, that was a first He