Written by spankcanecouple

17 Oct 2009

Hi again, I'm E, the female half of the couple. In my last story, I explained how our latest experience involved a mature guy who texted me with instructions to do rude things on a nudist beach. Well, this is the continuation.

He asked to meet for a drink in a pub in town a little after lunch time. He instructed that I wear a goth girl style clothing, like a lot of the college girls wear about town, so I picked out a laura ashley dress, very short, and long stripey socks which came above the knee but short of the hem of the dress, black knickers and bra, and Doc Martins boots.

I arranged a time and place to meet, then got on the bus. I sat on the top deck of a fairly empty bus. Across the aisle was a seedy, dirty looking old guy, typical of the type that appear on the bus. I could tell he was checking out the flesh of my thighs. I texted this to my Dom, who replied saying that was unfortunate, as I was to take off my knickers there and then.

Without much hesitation, and my heart thumping, I quickly slid my thumbs under the skirt, and took my kncikers off. Of course the slimey man paid great interest in this, but fortunately didn't attract the attention of other people on the bus. I guess it helped there was no-one behind us. I text the Dom that I had complied. The reply came straight back that I was to casually display my cunt to him. Well, I had got this far, so I spun round so my back was against the window and tucked my legs up towards my chest and left enough gap to show the guy plenty of bald cunt. He released his disgusting little willy from his flies and wanked it furiously as he stared at my nakedness. I thought fuck it, and gave my clit a rub to climax, as I saw his jizz dribbl out of his thick roll of foreskin.

I jumped up and got off at the next stop, ensuring he didn't have the time to clean up and follow me. I left the knickers on the bus seat.

In the pub, I finally met my Dom. We had a nice chat, and a few drinks. He was charming and quite handsome, Someone I was looking forward to having fun with. We didn't talk about sexual things, but he made sure that my cunt was on display, and that some of the lonely drinkers would also be able to see it. We played pool, and I ensured I bent over the table a few times to expose my bum to him. Once, while a few others could see, he gave it a slap, which sent thrills right to my cunt.

The final part of this task was to visit a sex shop to choose the tools for the next visit. We went to the bondage section and looked at spanking implements and restraints. He chose a good selection of all of these. In the shop, while there were 3 men chosing their porn, he got me to hitch up my dress, bend over, and experience the feel of the flogger, whip and cane he decided to buy. The guy nearest to us said the Dom was lucky to have me. The Dom took him to one side, and whispered to him. They both then looked at me. After paying, it seemed this guy was coming with us. Dom explained that as punishment for teasing in the shop, I had to go with the guy to his car in the multi storey and swallow his cum.

The section of the car park was dark and full of cars. Dom sat in the front seat to keep a look out, I had to go it the back with the stranger. He made me take my dress completely off before getting in. He had his trousers down to his knees, long stiff prick in his hand. I lay face down, bum in the air, and wanked and sucked his cock. His hands rubbed and fingered my cunt and anus, sending me into spasm. Soon the guy was grunting and bucking his hips. Fucking my face until his cock errupted in my mouth. This was so rude and naughty, I came again hard on his hand.

After dressing, Dom walked me to the bus station. He said he was pleased wih my performance,and he looked forward to out next encounter.