Written by Angela 1

17 Mar 2009

I like to go without underwear and have done so for years now. It started with me laving my bra off at weekends and on nights out and going commando with my jeans because it was so much more comfortable and obviously it feels so sexy. Gradually I left my knickers off more and more and I feel so much more dressed up if I am braless. Nowadays I hardly ever wear knickers regardless of whether I am wearing trousers or skirts and, depending what top I’m wearing, quite often I go braless too.

Although I’m sure occasionally some people must notice I am braless, usually there is no problem with my being without underwear, as I don’t make an issue of it and nobody is any the wiser. However, the other week in work I ended up in something of a predicament.

I was wearing a fitted dress and one of the mented how smart I looked. Then she asked me what underwear I wore that made me look so smooth and free form lines. I tried to think of a good answer but just couldn’t think of anything to say that would have been feasible. Besides, I knew the dress was made of quite thin fabric and it was probably obvious I wasn’t wearing anything under the dress if she looked closely, and if she chose to ask more involved questions, like what brand was the underwear, I would be caught out. So I told her the truth.

This turned out to be a mistake, because within half an hour the whole office knew, and I was the centre of some very unwelcome attention. Since that day, I’ve had the mick taken out of me relentlessly. It’s mostly good humoured, other than from a couple of fat girls who think I’m a tart, and I’m just hoping they get over it eventually because I’d hate to have to start wearing underwear again after all these years.