22 May 2019

I told you how I was seduced by a 28-year-old, guy when I was about 17 (53 years ago). So, 53 years later I’m putting out feelers on a web site. I have a few enquiries but one seems a decent guy (how can you tell? But I’m desperate). It take’s 6 month’s and a couple of near misses before we finally get a date fixed 10.30am his place. I’m on a car park near his place by 10.00. I sit in the car and the next 28 minutes seem as long as the previous 53 years.

Finally, I get out and walk to his place, he greets me and I look him over, he is about 15 years younger than me a bit bigger bodily than me but really pleasant. I’m a nervous wreck never having been here before apart from that once when really, I was seduced 53 years ago He asks me do I want a drink and a chat but I say no I have waited 53 years for this and while my nerve holds, I think we should carry on.

He is brilliant, he takes me into a room with something like a dentist chair in the middle and ask’s me would I like to feel his cock and opens his pants. I move over and get hold of it over his underpants, it’s not hard but its huge, twice the length and thickness of mine. I am suddenly gasping for breath as I get hold of him working it up and down. He opens my pants, I have put a pair of the wife’s white knickers on for him I had been determined this was to be as good as I could make it good. (At least for me but trying to make it good for him as well).

Before long, our pants are off apart from my knickers and I’m on my knees gagging with this much larger than I had dreamt of cock thrusting to the back of my throat. Considering this is my first time I am trying to make the most of it and get it right in as far as it will go and as he begins to push, I can feel it forcing its way into my throat and my throat stretching to accommodate it sliding in and out. Coming up for breath he said do you want a kiss? It was the most natural thing in the world. I said yes and we were tongues deep in each over like two young lovers. After a while I said do you want to come, he said yes, go to the chair. I thought he was going to lye on it while I sucked him but I was going to get a big surprise.

Get on he said so I lay on it, suddenly it starts to raise higher while the feet go up and my head goes down. He adjusts it so his balls and cock are just above my mouth with my head down towards the floor and my feet up towards the ceiling, I am going nowhere whether I want to or not. He gets hold of the side of my head and I realise I am totally in his command, if he wants to shoot it all in my mouth it doesn’t matter if I have changed my mind that’s where its going. I have waited for this for years so I open my mouth willingly and he starts to push it in and out while he reaches over and wanks me. He has got me sat at an angle so that my throat is in line with his cock so it goes straight into it with each thrust. After a while I ask him if he’s ready. You bet, he says so he starts wanking himself, all I can see from my position are his balls and cock with him towering over me. After a few minutes he cries out oh fuck its coming, he lets go and I get hold of it, open my mouth wide and he rams it in thrusting back and forth till he starts saying oh yes, oh yes and I feel that beautiful cock pump 2,3,4 times, each time I suck and swallow as his come shoots into my mouth. He leans forward over me and returns the complement, I’m that excited that he has only sucked it a couple of times before I’m shooting mine into his mouth. Then I slowly keep wanking him as he quietens down and softens.

For over 50 years I had wondered, now it was over perhaps never to be repeated, but he was great and instead of thinking of the guy who seduced me all those years ago in future I will think of him who finally gave me my answer. Who knows I always said if I met a guy I liked I may even try the next part of what I have imagined all those years. I think for a first time I did OK; I may be made for it and if he reads this one never knows.

Tags: age, bicurious, blowjob, deepthroat