Written by Lin

17 May 2013

What I told you was happened two years ago what a holiday it was and a start of a new life for me my husband referees to it as it as a disaster spending a holiday in hospital bed

He has no idea what happened or what I did if he did we would be divorced today I am sure

As I said I have stayed in contacted with May and James for the last two years my husband thinks they looked after me on that holiday when he was ill we have meet as couples as friends a number of time with my husband thanking them for looking after me they live sexy miles away in the west midlands he know May and me are really good friends but had no idea we are lovers or what I get up to when I go to see them James had given him a cover story a load of bull shit really which he believes my husband don't really like May and James but that go's for most people we know he is ares hole in that respect you have to be a boring prat for him to like you

His attitude has been in my favor that holiday was a wonderful experience for me I found out so much about myself things I never dreamed about thought about I found out I liked and enjoyed sex and I am bisexual my life would of past me by with out me knowing if I had not meet May and James I now have a secret life so different from the one I had the only thing stopping me leaving my old life is the children and family that never would understand

I see May on a very regular basis when my husbands at work he has no idea we see each other so much he did say once my car has a lot of miles on it but never put two and two together my friend have commented I am always out they don't see me so much but no one has asked about where I go or why May is here so often she some time is waiting for my husband to leave she cant get enough of me and I am the same with her I think I love her

She is a bit older than me in her late forties and can be quite manly in she likes trouser suits and cloths like that her hair is quite short I am jest forty and she encourage me to wear feminine cloths in bed she likes a masculine roil she has lots of toys she use a strap-on on me quite a lot she is better than a lot of men in that roil

I have and do things a few years ago I would of called discussing perverted James uses the Internet to find men for both of us he likes watching he choose a lot of black or Asian men he arranges it all I feel safe with him doing it and with him there to make sure things don't get out of hand my main problem is getting away but I seem to manage it courses some rows at home some times but is worth it

The first time I went to to see them after my holiday we only had a threesome jest us I think then they want to be sure of me the next time I was there, there was a young black guy about nineteen years old they knew him he had both Kay and me I never knew a lad could be that energetic I loved it James has never arranged any one with a small cock for us a lot of different sizes and shapes long and thin to shorter and really fat to really huge ones

I now need that size my husband is quite small I was always happy with it till I tried bigger ones I has nothing to compare him to before our sex like was nothing to right home about never really has been for the last ten years it was a about twice a month I guess the last time we had sex was now over a year ago he don't even try it on now I am more than happy with that situation since the holiday he done do a thing for me sexually I cant really feel his inside me any more I lay there thinking oh come on cum get it over with

It was about my third visit May had told me James had arranged a treat for me this turned out to be a bloke he was white and I wouldn't say the best looking of guys it seemed he was going to perform with me then May it was a little unusual in the way it happened we went up to there bedroom with out much chatting and getting to known each other also he jest took his cloths off and May undressed me when he turned round I nearly fell over his cock was massive not big but bloody huge it was limp and it looked as big as I had had with a hard on in its relaxed state I could jest about get it in my mouth by the time it was stiff there was no chance apart from sucking the end it was past his belly button it was that long I whispered to May I never take that she kissed me and said you will try it

We got into a lesbian show for him that made him even more horny May got me really wet

As she left me on the bed she went and sucked him as if he needed it it now looked rock hard quite scary dark vines running over it some stand out more than others the head looked dark almost puerperal it had a bit of a curve upwards May joined me on the bed he got between my legs May was sitting up watching holding my hand he was knelt there I thought he to far back but I felt it touch my pussy as he held it down

I took a very deep breath I heard May say relax as James poured some lubricant on that weapon I then felt it my god it felt huge I took another deep berth as it move into me

It felt like he was ripping me apart thank god I have given berth twice he stretch me further than any of the others but it was accommodating his length he seemed to stop he gave a two quite forceful thrusts it felt like some thing gave way inside me I sure when he was right in he was touching my womb I had the wonderful climax he fucked me long and slow for ages I was cumming time and time again he got faster I knew he was going to cum

He did tensing up and jerking as he pumped me full

I think now that was the fuck that ruined me for ever after that I had to have size that was the only way to for fill me sexually I have since taken a fist and some really large dildos and other things that one of meany experiences one of the first