Written by luckyalf

2 Dec 2007

my name is alf ,i have just turned 80 and am a widower my wife died 19 years ago. i live next door to a young couple in their early 30 s ,lynn and bob .she is very good looking ,she is blonde and tanned and a bit taller than me ,i am 5 foot 6. he told me she used to do some modeling. anyhow they are always arguing ,i can hear them at night, it seems he thinks that because of her looks she is always messing around.

i have seen her sunbathing in her garden and she has a fantastic body. last saturday

they both went out at about 8 oclock and at about 10 30 i had a bath and and put my pajama bottoms on and a dressing gown and sat down watching a porn film. i can still get a good 8\" hardon at my age.half an hour into it and i heard next door come home, i thought they were home early and i could hear him shouting ,then i heard their front door slam.a minute later there was a knock on my door so i went to answer it.it was lynn and she looked upset so i asked her to come in.we went into the kitchen and i made us a drink, we talked for a few mins and i could not help but notice the tiny black dress she was wearing and high heels and i could see her white panties the dress was that short. she told me what had happened then i said ,lets go sit in the front room, but as we walked in i forgot about the porn film on telly. i went to turn it off,but lynn said no just leave it on. i sat back down on the couch and lynn was sat in a chair across from me we were talking and watching the film at the same time and every time i looked across i could see up her dress.lynn then asked if she could use the toilet,she came back down a few mins later but this time she sat next to me on the couch, she took my hand and said these are for you and she handed me her panties,she said i saw you looking up my dress,i tried denying it ,when she put my hand on her thigh opened her legs and slid it up to her shaved pussy, my cock was now rock hard so she reached down and took hold of it and while i played with her she took me in her mouth. i couldnt believe what was happening when she stood up took her dress off and straddled me naked apart from her heels, she said to me if he thinks i have cheated i might as well and she lowered herself onto my cock and had sex with me. i came in no time,then she told me to go to bed with her,so we did ,we were both naked and i licked her out and that night we had lots of sex i even got to come up her ass,just before we went to sleep i told her that the old boys i play dominoes with wouldnt believe this so she said bring them round one night so i said i would