Written by Jake

8 Mar 2018

I recently moved into a new flat. It's a newish block and mostly seems to be full of young singles and couples based on who I see in the hall and lift. I'd briefly seen the couple next door coming out one morning and said hi, they looked a bit older than me, maybe late 20s/early 30s (I'm 22). I was running late for work though so didn't really chat. A day or two later it was about 11.30pm and I was just getting ready for bed. I was planning on going straight to sleep as I had an early start the next day and was pretty sleepy. Suddenly, I heard a soft moan through the wall, I wasn't sure if I'd imagined it at first but then it happened again. It went quiet for a short time and I wondered if that was that, but then a fairly loud 'mmmm' came through the wall. I felt my dick start to twitch in my boxers as it was clear the couple next door were having fun. I hadn't had any sex for several weeks and hearing a woman moan had an instant effect on me. I heard a couple more soft moans and my hand found its way into my pants, slowly stroking my erect dick. The moans then got a little louder and I heard the unmistakeable sound of bed springs squeaking rhythmically. The moans kept coming and I heard few manly grunts now and then. Knowing the couple next door were fucking just a few feet from me was incredibly hot. I quickly stripped off and lay down naked on the bed, my dick pointing to the ceiling. I wrapped my hand around my rock solid erection and started wanking it in time with the movements next door. It felt so wrong to be listening in but it was incredibly hot at the same time. I couldn't help picturing the woman next door on her back with her boyfriend pumping in and out of her. I wondered if they knew they could be heard and just didn't care. The thrusting was getting faster now, it seemed like they were just going for a quickie, and I nearly came when I heard her whisper 'fuck me'. They carried on getting a bit louder and faster and then suddenly I heard the guy say 'cumming babe' followed by a grunt and her squealing. I instantly lost it, cum went all over my chest and onto the sheets. I'm pretty sure I moaned as I came, it was a really intense orgasm and my whole body tingled. I was out of breath and I heard movements next door, as they went to the bathroom and got ready for bed. It's happened again since, I feel sort of guilty but there's no way I can not hear it. I wonder if they would be disgusted or turned on if they knew I was wanking away just the other side of the wall...