Written by Seatondel

4 Jan 2014


I am a married guy 48 not in bad nick love the wife and kids problem is sex it's great when we have it just I have higher sex drive than the wife

I have read stories watched porn wanked myself silly but after a while it becomes boring frustrating not feeling the touch of another .

So I started looking at chat sights for women couples but to be honest most won't touch married guys on there own but I had a few enquiries from guys

Frustrated it found gay bi chat site began flirting with other guys some far to experienced for my needs I just needed a chat and wank while watching some porn but they wanted to suck fuck etc

I started talking to a gay guy recently moved into the area we chatted well We sent each other erotic stories turned us both on. Plus he had his own place

One frustrated day I was passing his home I knew he was in painting his kitchen I check the site he was on how are you I asked fine he said good said I am outside your front door

Nervously if got out the car walked up to his door knocked it opened he was standing there I grey t shirt joggers you'll have to take me as you find me still painting he said as he invited me in I was just passing haven't got much time thought id pop in and meet you

I was in the hall he in the kitchen washing his hands drying them on a towel he walked back towards me his hand felt my crotch area I felt my cock stirring into life shut the kitchen door so we can't be seen I told him he did came back to me feeling my now hard cock

I undid my jeans he stepped back and watched as I slid them down nice cock he said as I gave it a few strokes he came closer taking my cock in his hand it's head in his palm thumb on top slowly at first he started to wank me setting up a steady pace

It felt good I pulled at his jiggers slipping them over his firm arse which I squeezed then down at the front grasping his hard cock pumping it slowly

His hand was moving faster harder now I notice his breathing getting heavier as he stared at my face the pace of his hand sending waves of pleasure though my cock balls arse and stomach I could feel my self starting to cum I said so I gonna cum

He moved closer so my cock was above his touching his flat stomach

His cock touched my balls he was starring into my eyes breathing heavy I grunted and came shooting wads of thick white spunk over his pubic hair and over his cock as he milked me dry we both stood there motionless looking at the spunk running down him for few seconds

Then reality kicked in I stepped back checking for spunk on my jeans t shirt etc

He shuffle to kitchen door reached in grabbed some kitchen roll for us both I wiped my still hard cock not much as most of it was on him dressed as he cleaned himself up that was good he said see you later we were at the door ok I said

As I drove away I panicked a bit I could only have been 10 mins at most but what if I'd been seen or my car had been seen or we met at shops with wife etc and I felt guilty cheating on wife it was playing on my mind so I left a message for him telling how I couldn't live with guilty feeling I got no reply and closed the account