Written by gibbonej

25 Oct 2010

I have written a few stories on here a while ago, but after Saturday night, I feel compelled to share this with you all.

I went out with a girlfriend of mine, nothing serious between us but we use each other for sex and occassioally go out for a night out together. Just to set the picture, my friend is 41, about 5'5, very slim but with a peach of an arse and 34D 'enhanced' tits.

Saturday just gone, I picked her up and she ha dress that hugged her to show of her shapely figure, it was so short that after a few steps of walking, it had ridden up enough just so the very bottom of the cheeks of her are were showing. Her tits are firm and big but they looked even bigger due to a gel bra that she wore.

Normally, when we have had a drink together, we are often all over each other and Saturday was no exception, her taking opportunities to slip her hand inside my jeans to play with my cock and me taking the same opportunities to slide my hand up her dress, under her thing and slipping a finger or two into her wet pussy. At one point, I got her to suck my fingers, to the look of horror on a girls (about 25yr old) face who must have cottoned on to what were doing.

As the night drew on, we were in the last bar before heading home and a different girl, again about 25 came over and commented on my friends body saying it was amazing for her age - we got chatting and we explained that our night would only start when we got back to my house. This disclosure seemed to excite the girl, she called us both lucky and went back to her friends.

As we left the bar, the same girl was in the taxi rank and told us to have a 'good night' and after chatting, it turned out she was going the same as us so we offered to share a taxi. The taxi was a black cab so pletny of room. My friend and I sat on the back seat and the girl sat on a pull down one.

No sooner had the taxi started moving and my friend was sat astride me kissing my, I had reached around and grabbed her arse - I then brought one of my hands in front of her and slid a couple of fingers into her again. The girl in the taxi was gobsmacked but could not take her eyes off us, so as I fingered my friend, I took my hand out, and reached underneath her to grab the girls hand, pulling it towards my friends pussy.

My friend, feeling a female hand between her legs bit hard onto my shoulder out of pure lust. There I was, a sexy body sat atride me, kissing and biting my lips, whilst she was fingered by a sexy 25 yr old.

As the taxi got to my house, we invited the girl in for a drink, but once the front door was losed, we all headed straight to the bed room. My friend got on the bed, knelt on all fours, arse in the air and hitched her dress up to her waist "one of you is going to lick me and dont care which one of you it is" she said.

The girl who had joined us moved forward, pulled my friends thong to one side and started to lick her, I moved to the ther end and let my friend suck my cock, "there is no way you are fucking her" she told me, "but anything else goes"

That was all I needed, I moved back around the room and behind the girl, running my hand up her leg and under her skirt, amazed when I felt n material - she was out commando with a very smooth pussy.

I was fingering her, watching her squirm as she licked my friend, my cock getting harder all the time. My friend then told me to lie down on the bed. With her dress still on and her thong still pulled to one side, she lowered herself onto my cock, it felt like heaven as I watched her kissing our nw friend at the same time. Whilst fucking my friend, I was fingering the younger girl, pulling her pussy towards me. She eventually understood what I wanted and straddled my face, still dressed and sarting sliding her wet pussy across my mouth.

One woman on my cock, the other on my face as they kissed and groped each other. I started to fuck my friend harder and grabbed to the are of the girl sat on my face - my friend and I exploded together, comng with loud sighs and groans, and the girl saton my face forcing her pussy harder onto my mouth. After a few minutes of licking and squeezing her clit, she also came, gushing all over my face.

We kissed, groped, licked and sucked for about an hour afterwards before collpasing in bed. The following morning, we were a bit dazed but the young girl thanked us for a great night and asked is she could repeat it. We have her number and something tells me she ay well get a call in the next couple of weeks.