Written by Amanda t

20 Jan 2017

Hi everyone.

I'm Amanda ( not real name) and I'm 28. My husband who is a lovely guy and who I love very much is a photographer. I am his sort of secretary but quite often I model for him becouse we have a number of contracts with magazines for clothes etc but also 'erotic ' magazines. Sometime's we go out on site but quite often people come to our studio.

If need be I will stand in and model clothes and so on but increasingly we have been getting work from an Indian erotic magazine that asked for specific shots. These are of a naked man and a woman shrouded in an almost see through material. The idea is that there is an element of mystery to it all, you can see the women is naked but can't see who is is.

The man is in a pose that suggests that they are having sex so you can see what I'm getting at.

Sometimes its a man on top of a woman or a woman in top of a man or even a woman on top of a woman in which case one is a mystery and one is in clear view.

Its all a bit surreal but they pay very very well so we do as we're told. Now, we have kids so I will never be the one in clear view just in case they ever got out and they saw them but here is the issue and why I'm writing to you.

I have become hooked on and even obsessed with sex ! It all started when I stood in for a no show model, I take my clothes off and go under the cloth, the male model came in and gets on top. My husband is an understanding man but doesn't like any chit chat or suggestive chat between me and the model becouse at the end of the day I'm still his wife and despite the face that mt tits are on show and I'm naked and so is the model on top of me, we cant chat.

This first time he's gorgeous ( as are most models) and he is extremely well hung. I'm under the sheet and he's going through his poses and my husbands clicking away when I can feel he's getting hard.

That's all fine but after a min or two hubby directs him to simulate going down on me, then moves up to my tummy then simulates sucking my tits.

But the next this is he asks him to put his mouth over mine as though we are kissing passionately, his cock is already nudging my pussy and in one move it slides in. I gave a little squeal. he apologises but doesn't move. hubby asks me whats wrong and all I can think of is to tell him I sneezed.

The guy on top of me must have taken this as an ok from me and slides all the way in at stays there. My husbands going on about how great the shot is and I've got some strangers cock inside me. Then the phone rings and hubby tells us to try and not move for a min whilst he runs and takes the call and he fucking leaves the room.

The guy looks at me and say's 'well, he said not to move'. But I subconsciously moved my hips and gave a little thrust and so does he. Well, in a matter of seconds we are fucking like crazy, his huge cock slamming my pussy and his hand squeezing my tits. We are trying to keep as quiet as possible then we can here him coming down the stairs and the guy freezes as he walks in.

My husband says that we are nearly done and I move to a position more comfortable but he's still inside me and this was too much for him and he cums inside me. A couple of days later the guy phones to apologise, I told him to call round if he wants as hubbies out. I honestly only expected to chat about it but within a minute of him coming through the door of the studio we are kissing like kids and seconds we are naked and he's fucking me again.

But if that's not bad enough now, if I am under some guy I position myself so his cock slides into me. I must have fucked about 10 guys in the last 3 months and I can't stop. I'm straddling one poor guy, he has a hard on, hubby leaves the room to take a piss and I take his hand and get him to squeeze my breast, move forward and slide my pussy down his shaft and I fuck his brains out. He could have said no but instead enjoys it and shoots cum into me less than 10 seconds before hubby comes back in.

The risk and excitement of it all is amazing and I can't stop. Now I tell my husband not to bother hiring models and that I can do it to 'save money'. But the truth is I just want a cock in me and preferably one I haven't fucked before.