Written by Debbie

3 Feb 2012

Two hours after returning home I was still buzzing with excitement after being caught and watched masturbating in my car by Marcus. I'd sent him a picture of my pussy, he'd sent me a picture of his cock and I had accepted an invitation to his cottage.

Dressing appropriately to go to Marcus's cottage didn't take long or involve much in the way of clothing. I'd already showered, I hadn't shaved my pussy since the previous day and could feel a slight roughness, the hair growing back, so fetched my ladyshave just to make sure I was perfectly smooth. I brushed my hair, applied make up, a little eye shadow, scarlet lipstick, and sprayed on my favourite perfume. I stood in front of the mirror naked, I'm comfortable with my body and think I look pretty good for almost fifty. I'd been wondering what to wear and selected red suspenders with a tiny matching tie side string. I put the suspenders on, rolled on sheer black stockings attaching them to the suspender clips, followed by the string. I had a look in my wardrobe, held up a couple of dresses, before deciding there wasn't much point in wearing anything beside the stockings, suspenders and string, I'd only have to take it off again. I went to my other wardrobe and took out a thick black wool knee length winter coat and a pair of black patent shoes with 4inch heels. I put them on, tied the coat belt, picked up my mobile and purse and I was ready.

I had a few minutes to spare before the taxi arrived, time to ring my best friend who I was supposed to be meeting at the Fitness Centre the following morning, apologising I would not be able to make it. I told her who I was meeting and where I was going, and that I expected to get plenty of exercise. “Don't do anything I wouldn't” she joked, ringing off as I heard the taxi pulling up outside. I got in the back of the taxi, for the journey to the cottage, just outside town. I was already getting excited, no sex for over a month, though lots of masturbation, now I was going to have sex two nights running with two different guys. I sent him a text, telling him I was on my way, receiving a reply quickly, and another picture, a different thicker cock and telling me he'd invited a couple of mates around and they were looking forward to a repeat of my afternoon performance. I hadn't been expecting that, briefly considered asking the taxi driver to take me home, but the thought of being watched by him and his friends was to refuse. The decider was the fact that I'd never had sex with more than one man at a time and I was sure that after watching me masturbate they'd want to fuck me. I'd thought about it and wondered what it would be like but never had the opportunity before. Thinking about it, I surreptitiously slipped my hand inside my coat, touching my pussy, softly stroking myself through my string. By the time we arrived outside the cottage the material was soaked with my pussy juices.

I stopped at the gate, beginning to have cold feet, the effects of the wine I'd drunk wearing off in the cool night air. The good part of me saying I should call a taxi and leave, the naughty part remembering how exhilarated I'd felt earlier, wanting to feel that sexual rush again and the expectation that I was almost certainly going to be fucked by him and other guys. With the naughty voice in my head, telling me if I didn't do it now I might not get another chance I walked up the path, undoing the belt, holding the coat closed with one hand. An automatic outside light came on above the door, Marcus had heard the gate slam shut, opening the door as I was about to knock. He was wearing a white t shirt and jeans, younger, about 25, and shorter than I'd thought, about 5' 10”. In my heels I was about the same height looking directly into his gorgeous blue eyes. He invited me in, standing to one side to let me enter, then shutting the door, back to me, asked if he could take my coat.

He turned, hand out for my coat. I was still holding it closed, I could hear voices from his lounge, not from a TV, two or three, possibly four males talking. “I haven't got anything on underneath” I giggled nervously, releasing my coat, letting a gap fall open, revealing the tiny red string and stockings, my naked breasts partially covered. “I'm sure no one will mind. You look horny as fuck. Beautiful” he replied. Just the words any woman wants to hear. He reached out, touched my sex through the string. “You're pussy's very wet” his fingers, moved to the tie sides, tugged the ribbon, first one side then the other. The string dropped to the floor, my pussy uncovered, “Have you been playing with yourself again?” he asked, slipping a couple of fingers in my hole, moving them in and out slowly. I nodded, gasped, a shudder passing through my body, as he opened my coat, uncovering my breasts, bending to suck my nipples, pushing his fingers as far as he could in my pussy. I looked at the closed door to the lounge, still hesitant, then back at him. “If you want you can go to my bedroom and I'll join you in a while or I can call a taxi to take you home” he offered, giving me a way out. I shook my head, told him I didn't want to leave asking him to fetch me a drink.

He brought me a large G&T, I took it and knocked it back in 3 or 4 gulps, handed him the glass then removed my coat handing that to him too. “I'm ready” I told him opening the door, walking into his lounge naked, trying to look more confident than I felt. There were four of them, all feasting their eyes on my nude body. Marcus introduced me, told me their names, though I can't remember which was which. I realised I'd covered my pussy with my hands and let them fall to my sides, parted my legs a little, standing revealing my hairless sex, turned on by the situation. Feeling bold I touched my clitoris, pulled back the hood, exposing my most intimate parts to them all. “That's hot. Don't stop” one said, There was an empty chair, I took it, sitting back, opening my legs, knowing that Marcus had told them what he caught me doing earlier, and they were expecting to watch me masturbate. I was certain that afterwards they would fuck me, feeling a dribble of juice trickle from my cunt just at the thought of it. I felt myself relaxing, I'd used toys and played with myself, watched by my husband and a couple of other men I'd slept with in the past. I'd always found that highly arousing, but nothing like as exciting as doing it in front of five horny young lads.

I felt incredibly wicked, lifting one of my legs over the chair arm, spreading my legs wide. I wished I'd thought to bring one of my vibrators or a dildo, but hadn't been expecting to be performing sex acts on myself in front of an audience. I was getting a thrill from the looks on their faces, almost fifty years of age and five, twenty somethings all lusting after me. If that wouldn't boost a woman’s confidence, I don't know what would. I slid forward a little, my bum on the edge of the seat, reached down, running an exploratory finger along my gash, feeling my labia parted, how wet my cunt was. I dipped my finger in my hole, coating it with my sex juices, then raised it to my mouth and sucked it dry. I looked from one to the other, “Whose cock was it in the photo?” I enquired, three of them pointed at the fourth guy. “Get it out then. Let me see how big it is” he looked a bit sheepish but got it out, about 6 inches and thick, nowhere near erect, but looked promising as he began to stroke it. That broke the ice and the others all unzipped and showed me their cocks in various states of arousal.

Half shutting my eyes, I rested my head back and began to masturbate, two, three then all four fingers in my pussy, using my thumb to tease my clit. I began to fondle my tits, pinching the nipples, feeling them harden. I moved my fingers in and out of my hole, my pussy so wet it squelched as I finger fucked myself. I shut my eyes, both hands between my legs, retreating into a world, consisting of my fingers, pussy and clitoris. My fingers moving in my hole, my other hand on my clitty, caressing the hard little bud. I could hear the guys talking quietly, the rustle of their clothing, I had a quick peep, the were all naked, stroking their pricks. I began to masturbate harder, slipping my thumb in my pussy with my fingers, stretching my hole. The seat moved, a guy either side, kneeling, bending forward sucking my nipples. I sighed with pleasure, frigging my clit faster, the attention my tits were getting bringing me close to cumming.

I could still hear the other three talking, comments like “Nice cunt, What dirty slut” the mention of a candle, one of them saying “I'll fetch it” and leaving the room. A few moments he returned, one of the others spoke, “She'll never take that in her cunt” I opened my eyes to find out what they intended to use on me. One of them was holding a large black candle about 12 inches long, around 3 inches thick, stroking it suggestively. I knew I could take it, I've got a larger dildo, I was simmering nearly there, gasped “Go on. Fuck me with it” taking my fingers from my pussy, using them to hold myself open, continuing to frig my clit. The end of the candle tapered, he knelt, pushing it into my cunt, my hole stretching to take it. I took the thickest part, two of them now kneeling between my legs, pushing and twisting the candle inside me. I was so wet it slid in easily and between them they fucked me with it, pushing in 6 or 7 inches pulling it out slowly then faster as I brought myself to climax. One guy stopped sucking my nipples and stood, turning my head and tried to push his cock in my mouth. I was to close to cumming, thrusting against the candle gasping for breath, to take it his cock in my mouth. My fingers frigged my clit frenziedly, my other hand wrapped around the cock by my head wanking him. My orgasm hit me, I came, waves of pleasure, coursing through my body.

I wasn't given time to recover, the candle pulled from my cunt, I opened my eyes, Marcus was between my legs, he was going to have me first. He shuffled forwards, holding his prick, rubbing it along my gash, covering it with my juices. I felt the tip enter me, his fingers on my inner thighs, spreading me. He pushed his cock inside me, his full length, 7 or 8 inches, fully penetrating me, feeling as thick as it had felt when I'd had a quick feel in the car park. As soon as he started moving I turned my head and took the closest cock between my lips, sucking it into my mouth. A few seconds and my head was turned the opposite way, the guy the other side pushing his cock in my mouth. Marcus was fucking me nice and deep, his balls smacking against my bum, thrusting in and out harder. I sucked one cock then the other, holding the base of their pricks wanking them in my mouth.

Marcus was ramming his cock in so hard I had difficulty sucking the others cocks. I did my best, turning and taking one in my mouth just as he came, shooting his spunk in two large spurts, holding my head, forcing me to swallow. I turned way, taking the other back in my mouth, tossing him off while I sucked, greedy to taste more sweet young sperm. I heard Marcus grunt he was going to cum, I stopped sucking cock for a moment, telling him I wanted it in my pussy. I could feel his hard cock pumping in my pussy, giving me my first load of the night. I sucked and wanked the guy, wanting his spunk too, holding him in my mouth when his cock started twitching and I felt and tasted his cum in my mouth, savouring it before swallowing.

Three down, two to go. Marcus's cock slipped from my cunt, I reached down, scooping his cum onto my fingers, licking them clean. I sat up then got down on the floor and crawled over to the last two, sitting next to each other on the sofa. I wanked them, licked and sucked them, got to my feet, bent over, spreading my legs telling one to fuck me from behind while I sucked off his mate. I've been fucked doggy hundreds of times and I've bent over sucking cock a similar number of times but this was the first time I'd done both together. It was wonderful, sort of rocking back and fore, both cocks in me, one buried deep in my cunt, the other in my mouth. As the one fucking me pulled out I raised my head, back down when he rammed it back in my pussy, taking as much in my mouth as I could, lips tightly gripping his shaft sucking hard. With my excitement rising again, I started rubbing my clitoris, helping to accelerate the building climax, cumming, simultaneously with the guy fucking me when I felt him jerking in my pussy, shooting his load inside me. I sucked hard on the other guy, using my tongue, gently squeezing and massaging his balls until he came in my mouth.

Licking my lips, I flopped down on the sofa, hoping for more, rather regretting I'd sucked three of them off instead of waiting and letting them fuck me. Not a stiff cock in sight. “I hope that's not it” I said trying hard not to sound to disappointed. They all reckoned they would be ready to go again after a drink. The confidence of the young, which proved to be right. I went to the bathroom, to freshen up, found a small towel to sit on, save getting his upholstery stained with the spunk and the juices still seeping from my pussy, seeing as they all declined to go down on me. When I returned they were watching porn on TV, I settled down between two of them, playing with their cocks, while they fingered me. The film involved a woman and several men and involved two main themes, I guessed this was what they wanted to do with me next. One I was keen to try, the other I was less sure about.

After about half an hour one of them was beginning to show a bit of life, his cock growing in my hand, I lent over, sucking him, encouraging it to get hard, before leaning over and doing the same to the other. After about 10 minutes of hand and mouth they were both rock hard. The other three weren't far behind, stroking themselves erect. “Do you both want to fuck me?” I asked, glancing at the TV screen where the woman was now being DP'd, “Like her” indicating the film. “Do you take it in the arse?” one asked. Damn I thought, I'd been hoping to put off that decision for a while. I've done anal a few times and a cock in my bum and one in my pussy had a certain attraction. I wanted to, but not without lubrication. “Only if you've got lube” I told him. Unsurprisingly none of them did so reluctantly I said they couldn't arse fuck me but they could DP my pussy.

The guy to my right laid with his bum on the edge of the seat. I climbed on top with my back to him. Holding his cock I lowered myself until I felt it touching my pussy and guided it into my fuck hole. I let go and sank down, his cock penetrating my slippery hole then lent back on top of him. He pumped his cock in and out a few times until I stopped him with my hand and told his mate I was ready to take his cock too. I raised myself slightly, the first cock still about half inside me, the second guy rested his prick on top, at the entrance to my pussy. I pushed a finger in, stretching my cunt open as he pushed and slid his cock in. I felt the knob end enter me and pulled my finger out, lowering myself pushing against the two cocks as they both entered me, my elastic cunt stretching, taking them with little difficulty.

Initially I just felt well filled, then they started to move inside me, oh my god. It was sensational, the one underneath thrusting in me with short jerky movements the guy on top fucking me with long slow movements, pulling out until only an inch or so of cock was still in me, then sliding back up me, grinding his pubes against my clit each time I took his length. I reached for my tits, taking one in each hand fondling and caressing them, pinching and pulling my erect nipples harder, the more aroused I became. I felt my cunt spasm, the muscles across my belly twitch, I moaned begging to be fucked harder, noticing that Marcus was videoing us. The guy on top, responded, ramming his cock in and out, I felt his cock twitching inside me as he gave me his milky seed, pulling out, the last spurt splashing on my body.

He stepped back, one of the others took his place, sliding his cock straight up me in one easy movement, continuing to fuck me with hardly a break. My cunt spasmed again, I could feel spunk being displaced from my hole, running towards my bum. With a groan of ecstasy I came, giving my body over to the wonderful passion, radiating from my over stimulated cunt and clit. I lay between them, being fucked, floating in such a highly aroused sexual state, hardly noticing when one came, flooding me with more spunk, pulled out and another rampant cock entered me.

They all took me, one after the other, fucking me ferociously, cumming inside me, a couple pulling out and shooting their spunk on my stomach and tits. The last one to cum was the guy underneath. When the others had all fucked me I turned over, straddling him, slowly riding his cock, grinding my clitoris against him, until we both climaxed. I lay on top of him his cock still inside me as I calmed down from the most intense and frenzied fuck of my life.

Marcus showed me to his bedroom afterwards and I curled up and slept, being woken a couple of hours later when he joined me, fucked me again before we both slept until late the following morning. By the time we got up after a slow, leisurely shag, his mates had gone. We showered, then back to bed for the rest of the day and night for more sex, just me and him. It was Sunday afternoon before I ordered a taxi and left, wearing just the string under my coat, my stockings to laddered to wear.

Marcus has phoned and texted inviting me to go back, intimating there will be more guys there to watch me playing with myself then fuck me. I'm undecided and have said I'll let him know. There is also the matter of the video, he hasn't mentioned it, I haven't asked, but besides wanting to see it I wonder what he intends to do with it. I would actually find it exciting if he posted it on the internet, knowing that thousands had seen me being fucked, but there is the problem of being recognised, though if I was I'd just deny it was me. I don't feel guilty or even embarrassed about having sex with five guys, more concerned that I enjoyed myself, perhaps to much. I wonder, can you get to much of a good thing. I suppose the sensible thing would be to just keep it as a memory to savour and try and stick to just one man at a time and Solitary Satisfaction. What if I start to enjoy being multiple fucked so much I can't or don't want to stop, or find five isn't enough to satisfy me. If I do it again, I'd be a Slut then. Or am I one already? Several days have passed now, I had sex with a guy on Tuesday night and all I could think about while he was fucking me and afterwards, was that I wanted more than one cock.

I am usually decisive but I just cannot decide if I should go to his cottage again and have sex with with an unknown number of men, effectively be gang banged. If I go maybe I should set a limit on numbers, if so how many, Five again, Ten, Fifteen, Twenty men? After being fucked by five guys I like the idea of more, but how many is to many for one woman? Perhaps I should let you make the decision, have a vote. A tempting proposition, and I am interested in your opinions. Anyway I've taken today off, after first deciding not to go, my resolve has weakened and I suspect you may be hearing from me again, but ultimately only I can decide if I should go, in the knowledge that if I do, I doubt I will be able to stop and risk becoming a fifty year old Slut.