Written by Country Boy

1 Dec 2012

Let me set the scene.

I live in a semi rural area, plenty of beautiful countryside and wooded areas with my partner whom I couldn't live without. We are both professional people and work very hard to achieve the finer things in life. J has always been very athletic, a runner, not a gym bunny but a semi pro athlete, she has a fantastic firm body, slightly muscular, a gorgeous bottom, and very sensitive nipples on her average size breasts. She is very attractive and wears very little makeup. I have always played high level team sport and keep fit these days by swimming and weights......and walking our dog!?

As we work in two very different professions we tend to work indifferent hours to each other, this results in me taking our dog for lengthy walks on my own when I get home from work.

We live on a private road of just twenty stone built cottages, across the road lived a couple of girls which were not quite obviously lesbians, lovely girls both attractive, one which I will refer to as L is a sports master of a local private school. J & I got on very well with L as was our mutual interests in sports. I would often bump into L as she returned home from work and I on my way out walking the dog, we would stand and chat at length about a whole array of topics. Sometimes L would join me for walks, sometimes she joined me and J, and sometimes we would all go together with L's then partner. We built a great relationship, enjoying nights out at a weekend in our local country pub, at each others houses cooking, movies and having fun.

One particular warm and sunny evening I set out on my walk and bumped into L on her way back from work, we hadn't seen much of both girls for a month or so and it came as a great shock to discover L and her partner had split up, I gave L a consoling hug and told her to get changed and insisted she came for a walk with me and the dog. L went inside and returned within a few minutes changed and ready to ramble! She wore shorts a vest and walking shoes, and she seemed happy to have joined me. As we walked she explained that her relationship with her partner had started to wain and that they had a few indifferences in the bedroom! I had never up to this point thought about the sexual side of their relationship (hard to believe I know, me being a red blooded male) but it transpired that L was bi curious where her partner took the role of the dominant male. L surprised me when she admitted she would like a chance of "fucking and sucking some real male cock & tasting spunk in her mouth again! My mouth went dry and my head started to spin, I couldn't think of a thing to say, in my mind what I wanted to say was "here you go L, have a piece of me you sexy bitch", but I just kept thinking of my gorgeous J and how much love and respect I have for her, I couldn't possibly make a move on L, what if I did and I wasn't the bit of male cock she so sort after? I would ruin all of our relationships.

We continued our walk in semi silence, I kept looking across at L as we walked and couldn't help noticing L's nipples were erect and it was obvious she had no bra on, again my head was spinning, all of a sudden I wanted to touch, kiss, lick and fuck L, but felt guilty for possessing these thoughts as I had never had strayed from my relationship with J, although I must admit I love to flirt and fantasise occasionally about other women.

We were walking across some farmers fields, through gates and over styles, my dog was in his element miles ahead chasing unsucsessfully alsorts of wildlife. We came to a style built into a dry stone wall, it was a hefty climb up and over L went first and this was the first time I managed a glimpse of her bum right in front of my face, I was that close and her shorts so very short I also found my self looking at the smooth and delicate mound of her pussy. I felt a huge shot of excitement race around my body, my brain and that ultimately ended up in my cock and balls! A rock hard instant erection greeted L in her face as I climbed over the wall, the gloves were off! "Fuck me" she gasped now what do we do, as she stood open mouthed staring at the situation in front of her. With that I just plunged in, pulled her to me and we started to kiss roughly and passionately, I pulled my cock out of my pants and shorts and pulled L's hand urgently on to my raging hard on, she hissed through clenched teeth "fuck me, your so big" dropped to her knees an rammed my throbbing bell end in to her mouth. L was like a wild cat, sucking me into her mouth and throat, gurgling, slurping, biting and spitting, "cock hungry, cock hungry" she kept repeating whilst gasping for air, I felt the sharpness of her teeth on my helmet and pulled back a little which just encouraged L to grasp my arse cheeks and pull me back deep in her mouth and throat. "Spunk in my mouth" she ordered, in little more than 2 minutes of our initial contact I pumped a huge wad of cum in her mouth, I must have pumped 4 or 5 shots into her greedy mouth, my cock was very sensitive and I looked down as L sucked and pumped as much spunk out of me as she could, my penis glistened in the sunshine with L's saliva and my thick come, L looked straight into my eyes, let my still hard cock drop from her mouth and stood up to kiss me fully on my lips.

I could taste my spunk on her tounge as she forced it into my mouth, I then realised she had not swallowed any of my seed and she proceeded to force the whole load into my mouth, filthy cow I thought! While kissing I ran my hand over her arse, it was naked, her shorts were gone! In my total oblivious state she must have loosened them down her legs, and was now frigging her clit and soaking hole for all she was worth. She sucked most of my cum from my mouth, pulled away from me and spat most of it in to her hand, there was more than I had imagined, she then rubbed it in to her fanny, pushing it in and fingering herself, I pushed her gently to the ground, knelt between her legs and just ate her pussy, loaded with my cum, it was a little musky down there between L's legs but I loved the smell of this different woman. I fingered her hot tight hole and nuzzled her clit, I sucked it into my mouth and she went crazy thrashing around on the grass. I put my thumb in her hole while working on her clit, our juices had flowed down between her legs coating around my mouth and chin, completely out of character for me I inserted my index finger into her ass hole, she squealed out in pleasurable pain as she squirted her orgasm over my hand and tounge.

L was up in a flash and pushed me on to my back, my cock had never lost its erection (a first for me after coming so hard), "I want you up my cunt", "I'm going to fuck you", "I want that cock inside me" I think L had lost all thoughts of her last partner as she forced herself onto my shaft, she screamed and explained through gritted teeth that it hurt! This didn't stop L from " fucking me" hard and fast, bucking away on top of me, at one stage the dog came belting back to us but I managed to push him away in all the commotion. She was tight but I am quite well endowed, I kept getting a view of her engulfing me into her soaking snatch, she was riding me for all she was worth, she was gasping for air and started to chant, come, come, come, come now inside me! She tightened, I tightened, she thrust fully down on me as I shot my spunk deep into her womb, wave after wave, she shuddered as she came all over my cock, I thought she was going to pass out, I had to hold her upright for a minute as she came down, she was calm and smiled at me, "oh how naughty are we"? She then knelt up, unsaddled herself from me and dragged herself up so her fanny was over my face, her viginal lips were swollen, she parted them and forced my spunk out over my face and into my mouth, she then cleaned me up with her tits, nipples, fingers and tounge until there was no trace of our cum.

We dressed and walked home, mainly in silence. We have fucked a few times since. L has explained she wants J to join in with us and she is engineering away to make it happen. I know J has had a few ff experiences at uni and whilst travelling with a female sports team. Would you like to know when or if it happens?