Written by John

3 Apr 2009

My wife Helen and I were on holiday last week to Benidorm and were looking for a real chill out break. The hotel was great it was supposed to be a 4* but was more like a 5 star. We arrived very late and didn’t see anything until the following day.

The sun was shinning and we put on our swimming gear under our shorts etc and went down to breakfast. The place was mobbed, so we had share with another couple Ray and Devina, who proved to be great company. They had been in the hotel for a few days and were giving us the low down about the hotel and how crowded it was, particularly round the pool area. The four of us finished breakfast and walked out onto the terrace and all you could see was a mass of towels.

Ray suggested that we could go with them to a little bay they had found a fair bit along the coast, where it was much quieter, and they had been the only one’s on the beach, each time they had been. Devina and Helen went over to the supermarket for some food and drink, as we were obviously going to make a day of it.

We turned off the main road and went up what we would probably call a cattle track and could see the sea in the near distance. We parked the car up and took the food, towels etc out of the boot and started walking to the beach. When we arrived there it was beautiful, not a soul in sight, so different to the hotel. We lay the towels down on the sand and took off our shorts and shirts etc. I couldn’t help but notice what a lovely body Davina had, looking very attractive in her skimpy bikini. Ray blurted out to Davina, that just because there are other people here doesn’t mean that you have to keep you bikini on and with that she took of the top and then the bottoms. Helen and I were speechless as Ray then took off his trunks. Ray said that this was the only time they had ever been able to sunbathe in the nude and that we should try it. Helen and I looked at each other, shrugged and removed out swimwear.

I must admit it felt good, just lying there with the sun warming your body. Helen, who is normally quite shy. whispered in my ear saying that she was feeling quite turned on by the experience, to which my cock started to harden. I felt quite awkward and turned over on my stomach. Too late Davina, who was laying on the other side of me, had spotted the offending item. She leaned over slightly and plcing a steadying hand on my bottom said, it looks as if we’re all going to leave here very good friends.

A hour or so passed and Ray decided it was time to eat. Out came the food, which the girls started preparing and I cracked open a bottle of white wine. We sat down on the towels in the middle, with the girls on one side and Ray and myself on the other. I was sitting opposite Davina and I could not help but keep looking at her pussy and of course she knew it. Ray stood up and went round behind the girls to pour them another glass of wine, now 3 bottles in. He poured Davina’s first and then went behind Helen. It was obvious that his cock had touched Helen back, as she sat there with a sly smile.

After the meal, we were all quite merry, with the exception of Ray who was driving. Ray thought it would be good if we went in for a splash, which we did. We were all splashing about in the water, when Ray said we should have a horse race back to the blankets. Davina, who was next to me anyway, immediately jumped onto my back, leaving Helen to jump onto Ray’s. Innocently Helen asked what were they going to hold onto. Davina, like a flash, said put one arm round his neck and the other on his cock, to speed him on. Helen had no problem doing that as Ray’s cock had gorwn rapidly since Helen jumped on him. Mine was still growing in Davinas hand.

We ran through the waves, onto the beach and up to the towels. Ray and Helen were there first and fell onto a towel. Ray turned over onto his back, so that Helen was now laying on top of him. We then arrived at the towel and fell flat. I decided to do the same as Ray and turn over. Straight away Davina was kissing me and I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Helen was doing the same. We were all soaking went and highly turned on, so there was a great deal of need for foreplay. Davina got hold of my cock and put it straight inside her, it felt like I was in heaven. Again I glanced over at Helen and could see her starting to bounce up and down on Ray, bringing her knees up to ray’s side and sitting up on his cock. His hands were all over her lovely 34d tits and she was going like a bunny. Not to be out done, Davina did the same. Helen and Ray finished first with Davina and I in second place. That was not the only race we had with Ray and Davina during the holiday.