Written by E

5 Sep 2008

For the August Bank Holiday we decided to visit London for the Notting Hill carnival. I had always been curious to experience the crowds and carnival atmosphere that appeared so much fun and excitement. We have some friends living on the other side of London who said they would meet us but not until mid afternoon.

We live just outside London so decided so take the train down and arrived at the carnival just before noon. The streets were already busy so Kevin my husband suggested we move away from the main streets whose shops were boarded up from those dreadful scenes in previous years and suggested we move to a spot in one of the quieter terraced house streets.

We found a thin section of the crowd and Kevin carefully moved me forwards so that we could get a good view however once the floats began to head in our direction. Whilst we were not against the barrier I could see everything and one of the first section was one particular float that captured my fascination. There was a white girl dressed in a pretty dress and behind her were two black girls dressed in a more erotic nature. Surrounding them were 8 black men who similarly wore skimpy attire and I could not help notice their fine physiques covered all over in oil. For the first time ever I found myself highly aroused by black men and flushed at imagining the innocent princess was me. This led me stare blatantly at their groins through their swimwear and I marveled in wonder of their size as I had always heard how big they can be.

I became aware that the crowds around us were growing as Kevin and I were now slightly parted by two people. We both however felt safe and knew we were in eyesight of each other so felt totally relaxed. I was quite shocked how I kept thinking of the previous float and my desires and conscious that my white thing was damp. I felt quite cool though as I was wearing cotton jersey dress in navy with white polka dots. I also felt comfortable as I was wearing flat white pumps and little white ankle socks. Again the pressure of the crowd grew centimeter by centimeter and I suddenly became aware I could feel an erection pressed against ne from behind. At first I moved away and looked over to Kevin and saw he was busy watching the floats. I relaxed a bit and decided to allow the movement of the crowds move me in whatever way occurred.

Again I felt it move against me and this time I stayed with it and swayed to meet the hardness. This kept going on for must have been 20 minutes and I noticed that Kevin and I had edged further apart but we were still in eye contact above everyone's shoulders. I was suddenly aware that I was grinding with encouragement the cock that was pressing against me. Though I could not look around I could tell he was wearing soft tracksuit bottoms and his hands began to rub his own cock and against me. I responded and encouraged his hand to slip under the floaty hem of my dress and play he cleverly moved my thong away and I felt a finger slip inside me. With the noise of the carnival my moans went unheard.

I checked to see that Kevin was not suspicious and saw he was on the phone. He looked over to me when he had finished and signaled for me to stay there and he was going to find our friends. As he slipped out of the deep crowd I felt the fingers work me faster as whoever it was could obviously see my partner I was with was moving away. Suddenly I felt myself being pulled back as if the stranger wanted me to go with him. A hand grabbed mine and I moved with it. Once free from the crowd I found myself on the pavement of a terraced street and I saw this man for the first time. He was similar in age to me, in his mid 20's and I have to say had a cute face! He spoke for the first time and held a key in his hand and said "Please, quickly, we cn go to my house! I must have been crazy as I allowed him to walk along the street but to my surprise quickly turned into one of the front gardens and up the pathway of the Edwardian house. He nervously opened the key of the bright painted front door and we were in the hallway where at the end was a spindle staircase. The hallway was dark and light came from the upstairs along with voices.

To my surprise he quickly turned me against the hall mirror and took my hand down his tracksuit bottoms. I was so horny I just went with what was happening and was soon holding his cock which was much bigger than Kevin's. He motioned for me to suck him but I whispered to him "we can't! there are people upstairs. He said "they are my brothers don't worry" This turned me on even more and which I guessed he could sense this and pushed me against the mirror. He was now getting very excited and his movements more abrupt and he ripped at my thong and moved his cock deep inside me which he did deliberately so I would moan loud enough for his brothers to hear. I put my hands against the wall and bent towards the mirror as he started fucking me really fast and whispering in my ear "Do you like black cock in your white pussy?" It was hard for him to make out my reply as his black fingers were in my mouth as if to suggest I was taking two cocks.

He was working me into a frenzy and fucking me so fast and I could feel the walls of my pussy grasping to hold on to this cock but I had become so wet I could feel my juices making his cock slippery and within moments I came so hard. and took some time to come to my senses. He turned me round and got me to suck him which I felt obliged to do as my thoughts turned to Kevin that he had returned and was looking for me.

I can't wait for next year!