Written by Hullcouple4u

11 Feb 2009

After our first story (Shared with team-mates) I decided to tell what I have recently found out from my beautiful partner.

After sharing S with my team mates I told her how it turned me on to see her and think about her with other men. At first she looked uncomfortable and so I pressed her to spill what was on her mind. She agreed and said that there was something she needed to show me first. She went away and got one of her photo albums. She turned to some pictures of her holiday in Mexico a few years ago and pointed to a picture. The picture was of her, her sister and mum in a bar with some American guys.

I recognised this picture as I had been jealous of where one of the guy's hands was. She had previously reassured me that it was innocent and I believed her.

She began telling the story of what happened in Mexico. That night her and sister and mother had gone out to a restaurant for a meal and a few beers before heading to a bar for cocktails. S was dressed in a t-shrt and short white skirt with a white bikini underneath. Whilst in the bar the two girls had attracted a group of American guys who had made a bee-line for them and got chatting. Now as her pictures show and I have already stated, S is stunning and her younger sister is also a real beauty.

As this night wore on the lads and the girls had become friendly and they were drinking and playing pool and having a dance. As the bar approached closing time S' mum decided that she had had enough to drink and was going to go to bed. The girls were asked by the lads if they wanted to carry on drinking with them. S wasn't sure as she was in a relationship but her sister B persuaded her that it would be a laugh and would do no harm.

They went up to one of the lads' room and opened a few bottles of beer. It turned out that B really fancied one of the lads, Ethan, and had already told S that she planned to get off with him. S at that point planned to finish her beer then leave her to it but before she had chance, B and Ethan had already got up and made their excuses and headed towards Ethan's room. S said she was embarrassed and that she told Tyler that she was gonna drink up then leave herself to go to bed. Tyler said that it would be a shame for her to leave him alone when his mate was going to be having fun and S agreed to stay for one more drink.

Tyler went to the fridge to get a drink and tossed S a beer. She caught it and opened it and sprayed herself with beer foam soaking her top through (I know this sounds cliche but this is what S told me).

Tyler laughed and offered her a t-shirt, s said that as she had on a bikini top she would take off her t-shirt and change there as he would probably see her in her bikini the next day anyway. As she removed her t-shirt she turned her back to Tyler who said that it wasn't necessary to do so. S turned around and he caught a glimpse of her in her bikini (trust me this is an awesome sight). He apparently offered words of approval and S grinned but asked him for a spare t-shirt. The crafty little fucker said he didn't have any clean so he took off his. S said she was very impressed with the state if his abs and pecs and he said that he liked the sight of her stomach and chest too. With that S smiled and went to put on his t-shirt.

Tyler said "I think that if I'm not wearing a t-shirt its only fair if you don't." S said she knew he was pushing his luck but that she agreed anyway. Anyone that has seen S' pics on Hullcouple4u on this site will agree that she has beautiful big nipples and these really do stand out through bikini top material. Tyler was obviously aware of this and he kept staring at and making remarks about her tits. S was annoyed at first but as they talked they heard the sound of her sister moaning from the next room. Tyler ,laughed and this encouraged S to laugh along and before they knew it they were listening in. Tyler kept remarking that B must be enjoying herself and S agreed. (S told me that at that point the view of Tyler's body and the sex sounds were making her wet).

It didn't take long for Tyler to try his luck and his fingers softly traced over the skin on S' arm. S didn't resist at first and his moves got bolder as he headed straight for her gorgeous tits. She did object to this and moved his hand. He was not to be downhearted though and continued on her arm slowly inching towards her shoulder and the back. She loves having her shoulders and back stroked and before long was giving out tell tale signs of arousal. She was shivering to his touch and letting out short gasps as his fingers worked their magic. His hands traced round to her neck before grabbing her head and pulling it towards him for a kiss.

She didn't resist and before she knew it she had his tongue darting around inside her mouth. she reciprocated and Tyler was not going to take things slowly as he grabbed her D cup tits and gave them a squeeze as he reached inside the bikini top to find her amazing brown nipples. As he tweaked them she moaned and reached out and rubbed her hands down his rock hard torso. Before long he was tearing at the flimsy knot that held her top and this was soon undone and the top was dumped on the floor. Next his hands wandered up her skirt and rubbed through the bikini material.

She reached down and was soon yanking at his jeans to remove them. It was not long before S was stood there in just her bikini bottoms and he had boxers and nothing else. These were not on for long as they walked over to the bed and S was pushed down forcefully as Tyler quickly went to work on her pussy with his tongue. S told me that he was very inexperienced at this but did not lack enthusiasm. She moaned away as she felt the bed rock as he was wanking himself hard.

Tyler moved up the bed to kiss S and as they kissed she felt something pushing at her entrance. It was the unmistakable shape of a thick cock and with one hard push it was engulfed by her soaking wet pussy. He was not very long but he was thick and he fucked her gently at first before building up a rhythm and fucking gradually harder. S is not a fan of missionary and soon told him to get off her and lay doen on his back. She soon climbed aboard and impaled herself on his rock hard meat. This is the only way to fuck S as you get to see her amazingly beautiful face and watch, grab and suck her amazing tits. She rode him for what seemed like ages as the beer had clearly kicked in to Tyler's system. She fucked him and was screaming at him to fuck her back which he obliged readily.

He started to tense up and told her he wasn't going to last much longer. She quickly and skilfully climbed off and lowered her head to his cock. She sucked and licked her own juices off his meat before feeling twitch and his cock exploding into her mouth. She loves to show cum in her mouth and smiled at Tyler with a mouth full of his cum. She swallowed the load and kissed him before getting dressed. Tyler was confused and asked where she was going to which she replied "We fucked, thats all I wanted, bye."

She said that the next day Tyler kept trying to talk to her but she wasn't interested.

However, the picture that we argued about long ago shows his hand between her legs in a bar. This doesn't fit with trhe story so I'm pressing her to tell waht else happened. Far from being jealous, this story turned me on no end and I want to know the end desperately. We had the most amazing sex after she told me the story and I think that she has other stories that she can tell me to soice up our life even more.

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