28 Feb 2019

This is really nothing at all, just a touch, nothing else, but is totally true, and happened last week!

I ended up in A&E with a cut eye, and was in intense pain. At one point I was ushered into a treatment room screaming in pain, and the one nurse there couldn't cope, as she needed somebody to hold my head up because I kept writhing about in agony! She shouted for help as I yelled in pain, and two or three other nurses came rushing in. They fussed about as you would expect from nurses, opening packets of meds, and having one to hold your hand helps.

Well the nurse who was holding my hand... she had rushed into the room, and while all the other nurses were busy, she had headed straight for me, she grabbed my hand. Obviously at first I just accepted that as something a nurse would do, part of the feminine administering powers. I had more pressing issues with the pain I was in and getting hold of some of that local anaesthetic the other nurses were getting ready. But she grabbed my hand into hers, and squeezed, I was squeezing back with the pain. As the other nurses were fussing around my eye, bolts of pain would shoot through me and I would jump and start and scream, all the time holding this nurses hand.

It was even through the intense pain that I realised how she was holding me.

She rammed my fist right between her legs into her crotch area. At first I thought nothing of it, must be a way of holding so that you can help restrain someone from jumping around.

But then I began to realise just how low she had put my fist. It must have been pushing right against her pussy hole area below her clit, and she practically had my fist clamped just at the top of her legs and was pressing it firmly inwards and upwards, holding it there, and she was pressing it against herself very hard.

Every time I had one of these bolts of pain that made me leap out of my seat, my fist was practically lifting her up by her pussy.

This went on for a few minutes, she never interacted with the other nurses, she never said a word, she just clamped my fist onto her pussy and ground it against her.

After the anaesthetic had killed the pain, she never said a word, she let go of my hand with a soft stroke and left.

It wasn't until a day or so afterwards thinking about it that I realised how odd it was the way she had been holding my hand.

Now I can't stop thinking about it, I wish I'd had a bit more presence of mind to somehow reciprocate, follow up with her, or at least have acknowledged to her that I knew what she was doing and that I liked it!

I just hope she got off on it enough in that short time!

I hope she remembers it fondly, because I do, if frustrating!