Written by Happy old man

7 Jan 2015

If I wasn't there I wouldn't' believe it myself. To most of you this is a bit of a pathetic story but I have to share it non the less.

I'm Eric, I'm 70 and read your stories regularly becouse its the closest I get to sex lately and even at my age I still miss it. I'm writing partly to share this with you but also for advice on what I should do next.

I recently went to France with my wife, Step son and his wife. They are avid skiers but obviously not me or my wife who is 78, we just went for the trip and holiday in lovely surrounding. We went by car which although its a long journey is part of the holiday. Like a lot of people we became stuck in traffic due to snow and general traffic jams and as a result ended up sleeping the first night in the car. Luckily for us we stopped close to a B&B which although was full allowed us to use the bathroom facilities, but I digress.

Lisa is 25 ( my step sons wife) is extremely attractive, in fact she was runner up in a national beauty competition. We get on very well, she is a very caring and attentive young lady so I don't want this to make her look bad.

During our forced night in the car my wife and her son where in the front of the car whilst Lisa and I where in the back. As you would imagine its not easy to sleep in those condition but after a while my wife and her son did manage to fall asleep as did Lisa. Luckily we had blankets supplied by the B&B.

Anyway as I mentioned, even though I am 70 I still miss sex and I had noticed that Lisa's coat was open and wasn't wearing a bra plus her blouse was quite tight, well of course whilst I was half dozing looking out of the window my imagination started to drift and if I'm honest Lisa's chest caused stirrings down below helped by my hand. Well I was under a blanket and everyone was asleep and it wasn't as though I was going crazy.

I felt movement to my left so stopped but then I felt Lisa's hand move under the blanket and onto my lap, I looked over at her and she was just looking at me. I whispered that I though she was sleep but she just shushed me. Her hand moved onto my crotch, my cock was already out and she rested her hand on it before taking it in her hand.

For the next 10 min or so she rubbed my shaft giving me a gentle wank. I looked at her again and she could see I was gazing at her breasts. As if she was reading my mind she undid her blouse and half covered herself with her blanket so no one in front would see but giving me a clear view of her beautiful milk white pear shaped breasts with her hard red nipples. Her hand movement became more urgent and I had to bite my tongue to stop myself making a sound.

Lisa must have noticed and took a tissue out of her handbag and covered my cock end with it before continuing to toss me off.

To help me along she moved closer, took my hand and slowly placed it on her breasts whilst keeping a close eye on the two in front. That was enough to send me over the edge and I came with quite a bit of force causing cum to splash either side of the tissue.

Lisa licked what had fallen into her hand and cleaned me up with some more tissue before smiling and turning over to go to sleep.

I really couldn't believe what had just happened but when we arrived at our destination she took me to one side and asked if I had enjoyed it, of course I said I did but she then asked if I would have preferred to have cum inside her. For the first time in my life I was lost for words so Lisa just smiled and told me to think about it.

Well of course I have done nothing but think about it but nothing has happened and I don't know if it should.