Written by Office fun guy

23 Jul 2011

I worked in the travel office in a bus station many years ago.

It was never busy and the door was always open onto the concourse where passengers passed every few seconds.

A guy I had had fun with several times was passing one day and stopped to chat.

He stood in the door way and I got up from my seat and went and stood in front of him.

He gave my prick a rub over my trousers and then turned his back to me, still standing more or less blocking the doorway.

I went and stood close behind him and withing seconds he had my zip down, my prick and balls our and was wanking me slowly as people passed within inches of him standing there.

He asked over his shoulder if I was going to cum and I told him I wouldn't last long as it was so erotic.

He took a hanky out of his pocket with his free hand and wrapped it round my prick then continued to wank me,stil slowly telling me to let him know when I was ready to cum.

I stood it about another minute then I was at the point of no return so I said "Now"

His grip tightend and he wanked hard and fast for a few seconds as my prick throbbed and my spunk spurted out into his hanky.

When I slackened off he let me goand I turned into the office and tidied myself up.

He screwed the hanky and slipped it into his pocket saying "Thats for me to sort later"

I sat down at my desk and he stood in front of me as though he was making an enquiry with his hand in his pocket through a hole in the lining wanking himself until he came.

This happened several times in the years I was ther until he sort of dissapeared and I never knew what happened to him.