Written by Adam

7 Jun 2012

In my other two posts I’ve shared my very first sexual experiences that I had with a 51 year old colleague (Jackie). She helped open up a world to me that was previously very daunting and scary for a shy 18 year old. This next story is really a continuation of my progress that I made with her. I must warn you that this part is a lot different to that of my previous posts. It takes place a few months later and involves myself, Jackie and also her husband. I’m really nervous about sharing this particular past experience because it contains elements of me becoming intimate with a male. I’ve never told anyone about this period of my life before, but feel that now is the right time. If you aren’t really into the FMM threesomes then I suggest reading another story.

I was aware of what swinging was when I was 18 but never imagined I would ever be a part of it. Jackie had taken my virginity a few months previously during an evening shift at work. Since then we were getting together on a monthly basis to make love. We moved away from having intercourse in the office as it was making me feel more and more uncomfortable. I was very concerned that we were eventually going to get caught and the last thing I wanted to do was to lose the woman who I now loved.

We began to meet at my house for sex. Whenever my parents went away on holiday I had the house all to myself. I remember the first time Jackie came round, she was a little nervous which was strange because normally she was so confident, particularly when we were intimate. However once she knew that we definitely alone she became the sex mad alpha female that I fell in love with. Not long after the front door had closed we were all over one another. We didn’t even make it to the bedroom the first time! Instead we had raw, almost animalistic sex in the hallway!

At the time I never truly knew how she felt about me. I didn’t know whether she just thought of me as someone she could control and manipulate. Perhaps I was only serving a purpose.

Everyone remembers their first love and mine was Jackie. Yes, she was 51, on the tubby side, wore old fashioned clothes and smelt a bit musty. But she was the woman who I made love to first, she was the one who could make me rock hard with a kinky smile. I loved her and I like to think she cared for me too.

I remember in scary detail when we first had intercourse on my parents’ bed. It felt so wrong, even worse than when we were in our works office. I would like to think by this time I was fucking her but in reality she was the one screwing me. I remember always shitting myself when my parents returned home. I was constantly praying they hadn’t noticed the sheets had been washed!

As I mentioned earlier in the previous parts, Jackie was married. Even though I loved her, and loved spending time with her (what 18 year old wouldn’t) I knew deep down that this situation wasn’t sustainable. We weren’t ever going to be more than lovers. I became increasingly concerned that what we doing was wrong, after all she was a married woman.

I brought this up one evening and was completely shocked by her reaction. I can still remember exactly what she said.

“Rob knows about us. He enjoys the thought of it.” She said it so calmly as if it was no big deal! I was horrified. Her husband knew about me, he knew who I was, he knew that his wife and I had been having sex! All of a sudden reality kicked in, it got real. Instantly I was scared. Scared that something was going to happen, scared people were going to find out. But then I began to process the second part of what she said “he enjoys the thought of it.” I became intrigued and began quizzing Jackie all about it. Jackie basically admitted that she and her husband Rob and were swingers. Rob enjoys watching her with other men. I must admit that the thought of someone watching us, the thought of her own husband watching me as I made love to his wife did kind of turn me on. This is the moment I was made aware of swinging and the thought of it was truly amazing.

For several weeks after I use to imagine that Rob was in the room, watching Jackie and I as we had sex. I slowly became more open to the idea of letting him take part in our love making sessions. She told me that she had shown Rob what I looked like on a Facebook, and that he wanted us to get together sometime to act out what we had talked about. Jackie had been trying to get me over to her house for a while before I agreed to it. I was curious, and wanted to take part, but at the same time was shy, nervous and a little scared. I eventually thought fuck it and just decided to go for it. My 19 birthday was just around the corner so Jackie decided it would be my birthday treat.

I remember it was a cold Saturday night, it had been raining all day and was freezing. I lied to my parents and said I was meeting some friends in town. Jackie lived in a quiet cul-de-sac at the end of a very quiet road. I eventually found the right house number , took a few deep breaths and knocked on the door…

“Hello, you must be Adam.” A man answered the door. He was quite tall, had a bold patch and a little beer gut. He looked like he was in his late 50’s maybe very early 60’s.

“Hi, yes I’m Adam… I’m guessing you’re Rob?” I stuttered nervously. I remember all of a sudden feeling very hot and could feel my hands moistening.

“Well come in lad you look froze.”

I was taken through to the living room. A bottle of wine had been opened and on the coffee table were three glasses. Rob took my coat and told me to have a seat. My heart then skipped a beat as Jackie entered the room. She looked absolutely beautiful. She was wearing a pink dressing gown that was covering something. She had the sexiest shade of red lipstick on you can imagine. Her hair had been cut and was now a lot shorter. I just sat there with my jaw on the floor.

“Happy Birthday sweetheart.” She walked over and gave me a kiss. I felt a little awkward as Rob was sat opposite me. She smiled “Don’t worry about him honey, he’s only here to watch, just liked we talked about, ok?” she said in a reassuring tone.

For the next hour or so we sat, talked and drank a couple of bottles of wine. I absolutely hate wine, but pretty much downed every glass I was given. I was so nervous and needed the Dutch courage. We were discussing all the things that Jackie and I had gotten up to which wasn’t as awkward as I thought it would be. Maybe that was down to the wine helping? I could see that Rob found the tales exciting, his bulge was quite clearly visible. He made no effort to hide it, instead giving it the occasional rub.

After we had all finished our final glass Jackie turned to me, put her hand on my leg and began to slowly rub it.

“You ready?” she asked. I nodded. She took my hand and led me upstairs. Rob turned out all the downstairs lights and then followed us up the stairs. I was led into the master bedroom. The curtains had been drawn and the two bedside lamps were softly lighting the room. In the corner was a chair that looked like it had been taken from the kitchen.

Rob shut the bedroom door behind him and sat in the chair. I will never forget this moment for as long as I live. Jackie stood facing me, she undid her dressing gown to reveal a sexy black nighty. It was the sexiest things I had ever seen! Her huge breasts hung low as her nightie did its best to support them. I looked down and realised there was no bottom. What greeted my eyes was the most beautiful shaven vagina you can ever imagine. I instantly felt myself becoming hard, my penis pushing itself against my trousers. Rob was in the corner looking on, you could have heard a pin drop it was s silent.

Jackie took my hand and positioned it over her fanny. She encouraged me to dip a finger in. She was soaking wet. We just stood there for a few minutes, gazing into each other’s eyes as I tentatively fingered her. She then grabbed my hand, removed it from her vagina and sucked my fingers slowly.

“mmm, tastes good.” She whispered. Jackie then leant forward and kissed me. We passionately kissed one another whilst her husband watched on from his seat. I could taste a combination of the wine and her delicious honey as we continued to kiss.

Jackie began to undress me. She removed my top first and slowly kneelt down. On the way she kissed my nipples, biting them a little before attempting to undo my belt buckle and trousers. I looked over at Rob who was rubbing himself through the trousers. He had removed his t shirt and was starting to unbutton his trousers. He licked his lips and smiled as Jackie slid off my pants to expose my stiff, throbbing penis.

My attention was drawn back towards Jackie when she began licking my penis. Her tongue moved slowly up and down my shaft, she inhaled as she did so, taking in the smell. I was then pushed back onto the bed as Jackie went to work on my 19 year old cock. It felt amazing to have to mouth wrapped so tightly around it, her hot breath engulfed it as it became even more harder. I just lay there with my eyes shut, taking in the moment. I couldn’t believe this was happening! How on earth had I ended up in this position? But I didn’t care. My cock was being sucked by my 51 year old lover, her husband was helpless as he watched on from his chair…or at least I thought.

I opened my eyes to find Rob sat at the end of the bed, completely naked, stroking his erect penis. It was bigger than mine, a lot bigger! It was slightly intimidating. I can still picture it to this day. At the time I was shocked with how dark it was compared to the rest of him. The head was dark purple as the blood pulsed through it. I found myself continuing to stare at it! I couldn’t move my eyes. It was almost hypnotic. I had never been turned on by the thought of another man’s penis before, but now all I could find myself thinking about was just that! I felt myself nearing the end, as Jackie started to quicken the pace with her magnificent blowjob. He lips wrapped tightly around my head, her hand playing with my balls. I closed my eyes and laid back. Boom it happened! I was having an orgasm….the ecstasy pulsed through my body! The feeling kept washing over me, it wasn’t going away. My eyes rolled back into my head. I hadn’t ejaculated yet? I managed to look down to see Jackie tightly clasping the lower end of my penis. She was stopping me from cumming! I began to cry out as the feeling remained, I was almost in a trance. I couldn’t focus on the anything as I rocked back and forth on the bed. Then all of a sudden, just as I felt like I was going to pass out, Jackie released her grip and I shot my hot sticky load up into the air. I remember convulsing on the bed, and then shivering as I let the wave of sheer pleasure wash over me. I then felt Jackie begin to lick the semen off my chest. Her tongue felt amazing as it slowly swept over my naked young body. I opened my eyes in horror, it was Rob!

Jackie was now sat in the chair. Her legs open as she played with herself. I looked down to see Rob slowly lapping up my seed that I had just shot from my young cock. I was unsure on how to act. Just the shock of seeing a fully grown man, naked, eating up my cum was almost too much to bear. I wanted to run out…but I stayed still. The more he continued to caress me with his tongue, the more I was starting to enjoy it. What was wrong with me? Why am I enjoying this? Am I gay? All of these questions filled my confused head.

Rob looked up at me and smiled. He said something but it didn’t register with me. I was still in a state of shock. He reached down and grabbed my cock that was now a little floppy. He began to suck it, slowly. I was ashamed to admit it at the time, but it felt good, it felt really good, it felt right. I fell back, exhausted from what had just happened. Rob continued to give me my first male blow job. I can remember his penis resting on my leg as he continued to pleasure me. It felt so warm! It felt like it was burning my leg. In truth, it kind of turned me on.

Jackie must have sensed I was uncomfortable. She came over and lay next to me. She whispered in my ear that everything would be ok and I should just relax and just let it happen. I trusted her, I always did. She had a way of making me feel so at ease. I turned towards her and nestled in her bosom. One of her breasts had fallen out of the nighty. I reached and grabbed it, began to suck it gently. I felt more comfortable when I did this, it was strange. She held me there for a moment whilst her husband continued to suck my now fully erect penis.

All of a sudden she pushed me away and told me to sit in the chair. I did so, partly relieved to get away from her husband. I never understood swinging up until this moment. But then I finally got it. I watched as Rob began to enter Jackie. I watched as he began to impale her with his giant cock. I was watching the woman I loved get fucked by another man…and I loved it. It turned me on. I finally understood swinging, I understood Rob’s fetish.

He continued to fuck her, lasting a hell of a lot longer than I ever could. He was like a steam train as he carried on ploughing Jackie. Her screams became louder as pleasure moved through her body. His grunts became rougher, his breathing heavier. I began masturbating hard as I watched them. I just had to have a closer look. I got up and wandered over to them and knelt at the side of the bed. They both looked over and smiled and they continued to fuck. Then all of a sudden Rob let out a loud scream, his buttock clenched as he shot his thick creamy load up Jackie’s 51 year old snatch. He prodded her fanny a couple of times to make sure all of it had left his swollen balls.

He slowly removed his thick penis from his Jackie’s cunt. He turned towards me, his cock looking straight at me. I stared at it, admiring the size, watching some excess cum drip slowly onto the bed sheets.

“go on honey, kiss it honey.” Jackie said, slightly out of breath. I froze. What should I do. I kind of wanted to suck it, but was reluctant. I was slightly scared and confused. What were these new feelings I was now experiencing?

Rob inched his was over and swung his now fishy cock even closer to me. The smell was foul, but like Jackie’s pussy it drew me in. My mouth was inches away from it now. The scent entered my nostrils as I breathed in deeply. Fuck it I thought! I moved forward and took it in. Wow! This is warm I thought as Rob grabbed the back of my head. The taste was horrible, really salty, not like it was when Jackie forced me to eat my cum. But at the same time it was incredibly erotic. I could see in the corner of my eye Jackie fingering herself, she was getting off on that fact my mouth 19 year old mouth was wrapped around her husband’s 60 year old dick.

Rob pulled his cock out of my mouth. I was disappointed, I wanted to suck his knob, had I done something wrong? I then noticed he was pointing at Jackie’s fanny. His creamy load was now slowly starting to drip out of her, he picked me up and placed me in front of her vagina. I inched closer, as the smell from Jackie’s freshly fucked pussy filled the air. I was unsure what to do. Then all of a sudden Rob forced my face onto Jackie’s cunt. Jackie spread her legs further as Rob continued to force my face deeper into his wife’s cum drenched cunt. I let out a muffled scream as his cum entered my throat. I was being forced to eat Rob’s seed! I’m ashamed to admit but it was so fucking hot! I remember tugging at myself as I hovered up Jackie’s honey and Rob’s freshly shot spunk. Rob’s juices were now inside me. It was awesome.

Now I could continue…however I’m currently at 5 pages so think its best I stop for now. If you guys want to read more I am more than happy to share the next part with you. I’m a little unsure whether you are going to like this so please let me know. A lot more things happened that night believe me!