Written by made her tell all

27 Dec 2009

I overherd my wife talking to her friend they did not know i was there she said that when she was eighteen she had a fling with her boss who was thirty two.

That night in bed i told her what i had overheard and asked her to tell me what she had got upto after much pushing and me with a hardon thinking about what had gone on.

She had gone to work in an insurance brokerage as a clerk,after a few weeks her boss asked her and another girl to do a bit of modeling for a local promotion which in those days involved them both clothed in hot pants and tight tee shirts, must have to admit after seeing the photos they both looked hot.

After the shoot he began taking jill to the different offices late in the afternoon and calling in at local pubs buying her drinks and asking about boyfriends and her sex life.

She said he made her fell sexy and coming from an older man turned her on she then started going to work in low cut summer dresses with buttons up the front with stockings and suspenders or on hot days just cotton pants.

On this particular day it was hot and she had a lose summer dress on, she was asked to take his afternoon tea up at three thirty his office was on the first floor when she got to his office he was on the phone she put the tea down bending low so he could see her tits he asked her to come round his side of the desk and pick up a large stack of files and wait till he had finished his telephone call as she stood there holding the files he started to feel her legs just below the knee just stroking and tickling her leg getting higher and higher she said she just stood there not knowing what to do but knew she was getting wet as his hand reached her pants he stroked the front of her pants then she opened her legs a little and then he got one then two finger up the side of her pants and was stroking her pussy which she said was very wet he then made her come all over his hand all the time he was still on the phone, he finnished his call and told her to go and at 5.15 to come back to his office.She returned at the due time and was given another pile of files and he told her to make sure they where filed before she went home all the other staff left at 5.30 she was in the basement bent over trying to open a draw which was stuck he came up behind her and started to stroke her legs again no words were spoken her reached her pussy again and this time pulled her pants down and fingered her again but this time he got his cock out made her come then she felt the tip of his cock at her entrance he pushed it in a little but he was quite big and she had only had sex with a long time boyfriend and this was her second cock, he managed to get it in after a few attemts then started to fuck her slow at first then hard and fast she said he only lasted a few minits then exploded inside her. He then spoke put your pants on and i will drive you home,that was the start.