Written by shooter

10 Jul 2008

Hisome of you may remember summertime last year August sometime I posted a story about my wifes 66 year old aunt sadie. Now sadie is a very classy lady 5\'8\" medium build long legs and always beautifully coiffured and turned out.

As I said after the funeral experience, a few days later she asked me to pick her up and take her to a garden centre about 7 miles away.

It was a resonably warm day when I picked her up she was dressed in white shoes with heels blue skirt and white blouse with 3 buttons undone just showing hint of cleavage. She was certainly not as melancholy as the last time I had seen her and was smiling and chatting away. On the srive she ocassionally crossed her legs and i could hear her underwear rustling and I got very erect thinking back to the BJ she had given me.

We got to the garden centre and she put her arm through mine as we walked around and now and again I could feel her breast brush my bicep and I just wanted her there and then but I behaved like a proper gentleman as she always is a lady. She bought the garden furniture she wanted and a few plants and we set off back.

We got back to her house and she said if you put that furniture together for me I\'ll treat you to lunch I said ok and set to work. Now I\'m not much good at things like that so it took me about an hour and a half and when i called her out in to the garden she gave me a big kiss on the lips and said thankyou but i guess its a bit late now for lunch so ill just have to give you some other treat. I told her that there was a way she could treat me if she really wanted, She smiled and said your Susans right (my wife) you are a randy sod.

She took me inside and up to her bedroom and we started undressing each other unedrneath she wore white lacy bra and what I call french knickers with hold up lacy topped stockings. She said before i treat you we have some unfinished business with that she pulled her knickers to one side and i saw that she must wax as she just had a little landing strip of pubes pointing the way to her love channel

I immediately pushed her on to the bed and began licking, and sucking her delightful pussy which just looked like a ripe peach. She began moaning and after a while she lubed up a little too and gently slid in a finger and began working it in and out

By now she had removed her bra and was rubbing the nipples on her slightly saggy but lovely breasts. She began to dry up and told me to get the lube from her bedside drawer which idid when i came back i liberally applied some and she spun around to take my penis in her mouth and gently sucked and licked it. Then without warning she just sat on my dick and began riding me just moaning all the time but not saying anything I played with her nipples teasing and gently tweaking them and then i felt her tighten on my dick i guess she had an orgasm but quietly then she said your turn got off me again and began sucking me then all of a sudden i felt an oily and cold couple of fingers enter my arse and move in and out i couldnt hold on any longer and erupted after just a few seconds she looked up at me smiledmouthed thankyou and swallowed.

More has happened since if you want to hear about it let me know like they say many a tune can be playd on an old fiddle especially a well cared for one