Written by maxblythe

29 Jun 2011

Her legs were slightly parted ,her muscles taught as she leaned over the bannister rail ,showing a lovely rounded peach of an arse that is what bit I could see around the rear view of her walking buddy !! .He looked puny by comparison ,his legs spindly and white ,still wearing his jockies ,trousers bunched around his ankles ,someone was in a rush to get some sex,due to the difference in hight I guess he would struggle to fuck her ,but watching his arm moving I guess his fingers were probing deep in her pussy .

The road was only 15 yards from her house ,a detached house at the very top of a quiet cul de sac ,the only people passing tended to be dog walkers on

their way to the moor top yet these two seemed unconcerned about the ease of viewing, even leaving the drapes open to give an unrestricted view.As I was feeling more and more exposed and considering moving on she stood up and quickly turned to face him ,her eyes immediately locking on mine ,she showed no sign of embarrassment ,in fact I would swear a smile crossed her lips as she sunk to her knees easing his cock free of his jockies .The lucky bastard ,his six inches rock hard ,throbbing in anticipation as her face inched nearer ,with one final look she sucked him between her lips easing her head to one side as he slid into her mouth .He must have been extremely axcited as his hands went to the back of her head ,holding her steady against his pumping hips and within a minute he shuddered to a stop ,obviously he had shot his load unable to control his excitement ,a feeling I could sympathise with as I was rigid myself and was just readjusting my discomfort as she gotto her feet looking across to ensure I had not missed her show !!.Now completely embarrassed I released my dog from her lead and hurried up the track truely embarassed by my peeping tom episode ,fucking hell I had better make sure I keep out of her way for a while ,fortunately he had not seen me so unless she told him I was OK .

I should explain at this point she had moved into the house the previous Autumn ,I knew the previous owner and was surprised when he told me a single girl had bought it ,4 bedrooms and a large plot made it a large familly home ,I thought she must be getting married or maybe was moving in with her boyfriend .I saw her regularily out with her dog ,she seemed friendly enough and was certainly smitten by my terrier bitch who always greeted her with a passion .When ever we met she was always well wrapped up against the weather ,so her figure remained a mystery ,her face was pretty ,very little makeup but lovely long dark hair ,I guess she was around five foot ten inches tall and certainly looked imposing .During the bad snow I frequently helped her push her vehicle down the road ,she was always dressed in a trouser suit ,very smart and professional looking ,a conversation with a carrier however revealed she was infact a doctor.One thing that did surprise me was I never saw a man at her house ,a couple of women friends ,very attractive friends made me wonder if maybe she was happy with her own sex ,ah well such is life .In recent months I saw her with Stuart ,her dog walking buddy ,a partnership that surprised me in that he was my age ,and a real gossip whenever I was caught he never stopped talking ,and it was always local gossip which I found boring ,however after todays revalation he must have hidden talents and she obviousl enjoys the company of the opposite sex .For the next few days I avoided any sightings of her ,I saw Stuart once he was his usual boring self so she had obviously not told him ,a good sign I thought !.It had to happen however ,having avoided the early morning walks I knew she took I was surprised to see her approaching during the afternoon ,I thought it was her surgery time ,however she had clearly seen me and the meeting could not be avoided .She smiled as she approached "we've not seen you for a couple of day's ,everything OK?" she was smiling obviously enjoying my discomfort ,I said I had seen Stuart and waited for her reaction "oh don@t worry I never told him about you watching !!" stuttering I replied it was difficult to miss it "I know you weren't supposed to ,I organised it just for you ,listen I have to go back to work,but call around after seven this evening for a coffee and we can chat " with that she was gone hips swaying ensuring I would do as requested ........