Written by jock69uk

30 Jun 2011

It was a glorious evening as the dog and I reached her house ,the front door opening as we crossed the garden ,she had just arrived home from work as she was still wearing her suit.She looked good except for the frumpy flat shoes ,obviously conscious how tall she was allready she took the flat shoe option ,noticing my stare "what's wrong with my feet ?" she enquired ,"nothing but why are you wearing your mums shoes ?" laughing she replied that not everyone was as tall as me and she hated towering over people .As we chatted over coffee I realised she was a complex lady ,bright as a button ,outwardly confident and bubbly but I could not help feel she was hiding something ,however she seemed to relax as the minutes passed .Her foot found my leg and started to rub gently causing a gentle stiring in my trousers ,"so what did you think when you saw Stuart and I ?" I took a while to reply looking directly into her face I spoke "a touch of envy if I'm honest ,I would have loved to be in his shoes ,but not in quite so exposed a location " her faced creased into a smile "but you're here now ,and you wouldn't have been without the show so my plan worked !!" As she poured more coffee I slipped my around her waist ,pulling her toward me ,and immediately her lips found mine ,her actions clear her hands groping my groin touching my hardening shaft ," are you going to fuck me tonight ?,have you got time " I told her I had only a few more minutes ,so no however her eager hands were already prising my cock free from my trousers . I made no attempt to stop her ,lifting my hips to allow her to slip me free ,her face a picture as the shaft was free,"god you are massive ,how long is the bloody thing ? " Ignoring her question I pulled her head toward my lap "do for me what you did for him " needing no further encouragement her mouth opened wide and slid over the bulbous ,deep purple knob slurping as she sucked me deeper,on her knees she startedv to work expertly ,using both hands and mouth to bring me to a glorious climax .All through I was aware of her skills and absolutely filthy technique ,she seemed to adopt a porn film approach concentrating on giving as much pleasure as she possibly could ,she swallowed every drop of the spunk before easing her mouth free "you realy are going to have to fuck me soon ,I can't wait to feel this thing inside me,how about if I make dinner on Friday can you come ?" I replied yes and suggested I could arrange to stay over if she fancied it ,but only if she promised to wear a dress !!. As I dressed we finalised the arrangements me providing the wine ,her the food and accomodation ,Friday promising to be a night to remember ,as I was leaving her phone rang ,Stuart calling asking her out for a walk with the dog ,so she tagged along with me until she saw him in the distance ,"see you Friday ,dont forget wear a dress " with that I left her to meet .

As I left home Friday I had to take the car as I was supposed to be meeting ex colleagues for a reunion ,the probem was that her house was very adjacent to ours and I worried the car would be recognised ,but at least I could go get some wine and try to return unnoticed . As it was a lovely warm evening I purchased a bottle of Champagne and two bottles of red as it promised hopefully to be a long evening ,picking up some after dinner chocolates I returned to the car and drove to her house ,arriving to find she had recognised the problem with the car and had opened her garage .With the car out of the way I collected the goodies and went to the door which opened to reveal a sight for sore eyes ,was she in a dress ,black ,short and figure hugging and god did she look hot .After a quick kiss I followed her inside ,only then noticing she was wearing very high heeled patent shoes ,definitely not her mothers ,my prick already hard straining against my trousers .As I opened the red wine she put the champagne in the cooler ,suggesting as it was so warm that we drink it before dinner in the garden ,walking to her veranda I noticed immediately how sheltered her garden was ,no overlooking neighbours . Grabbing the champagne and two glasses I suggested we retired to the two loungers below ,nodding her approval she followed me down the stairs sitting on the lounger whilst I opened th wine ,her dress slid up her thighs revealing lace tops and her stockings and also a lack of underwear covering her dark bush .

Sharing her lounger we drank out first glass ,after a refill I returned to sit beside her allowing my hand to find her leg quickly sliding around to find her inner thigh shiny nylon giving way to sleek silky skin ,her breathing quickining as my fingers roamed toward her pussy .As fingers fond her wet pussy she leaned into a passionate kiss her hands again searcing for my prick ,pushing her back I stood removing my trousers and shirt ,just leaving my boxers ,"lean forward while I take off the dress " she responded immediately easing the dress over her hips and lifting it from her body ,braless her breasts were magnificent full and standing proud topped off with purple nipples already hard in anticipation of what was to follow .Kneeling between her open legs I licked and chewed on her nipples ,her breath short ,hands milking my rigid cock pulling me toward her pussy ,pulling free I slid down my tongue probing her swollen lips her juices already flowing freely ,sliding my tongue inside her clit felt huge and proved to be extremely sensitive .Within minutes her whole body was shaking as she climaxed ,before the trembling stopped I pulled her down the lounger so her backside was at the end ,allowing me to kneel between her legs and easily position my cock at her slit ,gently nudging forward to slide the tip home .Her loud moaning started the second she was penetrated ,"push it all in ,fuck me hard don't stop ,please don't stop " her hips thrusting toward me attempting to push more inside ,as she pushed forward I moved back ,I would decide when and how much she got ,this was in my control not hers.

When she realised what I was doing she relaxed as I gently introduced a little more with each thrust by the time half was buried her language became loud and filthy ,no more proffessional lady ,she became a real slut demanding sex . Lifting her legs over my shoulders I let her have the full length ,slapping my balls against her backside with each long thrust ,her head rolling from side to side as she started to shake again her groaning deafening as she spurted her juice ,my balls soaking as she climaxed ,quickening the pace I quickly felt my juices begin to rise she senced it too pumping her hips demanding my load "fill me up ,let me have your spunk now you bastard fill me up " her voice pushing me over the edge spunk pumping into her as she tightened her muscles around my cock.As my cock shrunk I slipped from her ,her pussy soaking with a combination of her and my juice ,running down her thigh as she climbed the stairs "I'm off for a shower ,do you want to join me ?" I said I would join her when I finished my drink,within minutes I joined her where she seemed to enjoy soaping my body paying significant attention to my cock and balls ,she seemed insatiable .Leaving the shower she towelled us both down replaced her dress and stockings and went down to prepare dinner ,I took the opportunity to look around upstairs ,one of the bedrooms was particularily interesting mirror walls on two sides and a tripod and cine camera in one corner ,pointing to the large bed and mirrors.As I joined her I thought I would ask her later ,but pick the time carefully ,a simple dinner of steak and salad was ready to serve ,I poured our wine and sat opposite her at the table .The food was excellent and she was certainly more relaxed "next time I'm in charge ,you can't have you're own way every time " her smile however suggested she would be happy as long as she was getting fucked !!.After the meal she served coffee and led me to the sofa where we finished off the second bottle of wine ,whilst I drained the last of my wine her fingers undid and removed my shirt ,then my trousers ,socks and shoes before she sat me on the sofa and slid her body across my thighs quickly removing her dress .Her breasts were thrust to my face .They were luscious ,firm mounds of pleasure which responded to the slightest stimulation,her nipples rock hard in seconds rolling between finger and thumb ,all the while her crutch was rubbing into my groin ensuring a rock hard erection .I imagined she was about to mount up but was surprised as she lifted her body from mine walking to the kitchen and returning with the chocolates I bought earlier ,removing one she proceedesd to melt it on my dick whilst gently wanking to maintain the hardon ,when coated with chocolate she proceeded to lick me clean ,only stopping when she thought I was going to explode .During the break I took the opportunity to ask about the camera ,and mirrors "oh it's the play room ,just a bit of fun really " her face lit up when I asked who did the filming ,"oh it's just left on itself,it gets what it gets " ,I just couldn't resist ,so who's been caught on film then ,you and Stuart ?" she laughed aloud at that " don't be silly ,just me and Allison from work acting out something we both wanted to try ,do you want to see the result ?" .As soon as I replied yes she turned on the TV and placed a DVD in the player ,in seconds the screen was filled with two writhing bodies ,fucking hell they were into each other licking each others pussies as if lives depended on it,occasionally getting so excited one or the other rolled out of the shot ,one thing was perfectly clear they were both pissed but definitely enjoying the experience .As I continued to watch the performance she slid onto my cock and started to shag me ,slowly at first and slowly built up speed "why don't we make a film ?" I asked she stopped instantly "are you serious?" as I nodded my reply she lifted herself free ,smiling at the prospect she led the way upstairs into the play room setting up the camera as i positioned myself on the bed .Whilst she played with the camera I slowly wanked my cock to keep rock hard for her and also allow her to focus where the action would be ,joining me she took control removing my hands before lowering her mouth to my cock ,taking care to ensure the camera would catch every move .Next she was lowering her pussy onto the shaft and fucking me for all she was worth quickly bringing herself off ,as she trembled I lifted her off me and got her side on to the camera on all fours,feeding back into her from behind ,each thrust was full depth and should ensure great pictures on the camera .As the speed increased she became much more vocal ,demanding more ,wanting it deep and hard ,the sound will be interesting if it gets picked up. After a couple of minutes she was coming again ,her juice flowing hot onto my thighs and balls causing my sap to bubble and within the next minute was ready to shoot ,for the benefit of the film I pulled from her and shot the first glob of spunk up her back ,then grabbing the shaft milked the rest of the spunk onto her ample backside ,her head tilted back so she could watch ,moaning as I emptied my sack onto her arse .Before we left the bed she sucked my dick clean smiling to the camera as she did her worst.As she turned off the camera she spoke "lets go to bed I'm fucked ,I just need sleep" no complaints from me ,snuggling against her body I was asleep in minutes ..........