Written by Heather C

16 Jan 2017

My Husband knows I am a dirty bitch at heart and I know he wrote on here yesterday about me sucking our friend Robs cock. Well Rob called round today and I agreed that I would write up our exploits as my husband came home just in time to join in.

Monday is my day off to catch up on jobs round the house and I usually just have a quick shower and put on my tracksuit with no underwear. As it was warmiah today I put on my Lycra tracksuit. It clings where it touches and keeps my nipples erect which I love. However I had a lot to do so got on with my chores. After a good couple of hours I had a break, sat on the settee with my feet up. I was feeling horny and slipped my hand down my pants to tease my clit. I was a touch moist so a finger down my lips, a slide into my pussy and pulling my damp finger up to circle my clit started the delicious sexy feeling. I slipped my either hand under my top to circle my nipples. This was good, a nice quick orgasm before I tackled the next lot of ironing. I set too and could feel my orgasm building l. I pulled up my tip to get better Accra to my nips and pushed my pants down to get better access to my pussy. God I was hot and pants and it was building. Touching my arsehole always gets me really going and I flicked my fingers down and Kerpow the orgasm hit. I gasped and arched my back, my fingers flicking across my nips and stuck deep in my pussy and my thumb nudging my clit. Wow I came down off the plateau and started to sit up, only to see Rob looking through the window at me !! Fucking hell he had just seen me masturbating, I stood up, straightened my clothes and blushing a lot went to the door. Hi Rob, I said. Your a dirty botch Heather he said, I just nodded and he pushed me back to the settee. His hands were hooking into my tracksuit and was starting to pull them down as I stumbled face down into the settee. Rob had his fingers in my pussy faster than a speeding bullet. He was friggging me really fast and I don't know why but I just had a massive orgasm. He used his other hand to seperate my arse cheeks and started to lick down the crack of my arse. No one had ever licked me there and I knew he was aiming for my bumhole. I couldn't help myself I just reached round and held the cheeks of my bum apart for him. He was circling his tongue round my bum hole and fingering my pussy and I was moaning and groaning like mad. I came again really hard and I was really wet with pussy juice and saliva running down my legs. I could feel Rob wanted to fuck me and he was starting to push his tongue and finger up my bumhole. Oh I was in heaven and could not get enough of him. Then he stopped. In fact he froze. Hi Mark he said as my husband walked in the door. Mark just stood there his eyes on stalks. Don't just stand there Mark, get your cock in Heathers mouth Rob commanded. Now Rob was bigger physically then Mark and was fully dressed. Me I was in a mess I all fours my tracksuit bottom round my ankles my area in the air and my sloppy pussy out for all to see. Come on Mark I said, in for a penny in for a pound ? Ok said mark and came over sat on the back of the settee and pulled his pants down. His cock was rock hard and I just swallowed him and started blowing him. Rob on the other hand returned to fingering and licking my pussy and arse. God this was good. Rob must of pulled his pants down as I felt his cock rub my leg. He got up and the next thing I felt his cock slide across my pussy between my lips. He had been fingering my pussy and had slid two fingers In and out of my arse and I was wet as hell. But he didn't slide into my pussy he just slicked his cock and presented his cock to my arse. I had never done anal with my husband but had at Uni and I was up for it. I pushed back and Rob just slid up my arse. God it was good and filling. Stay still I asked him and then I wriggled and asked Mark to side down and get his cock in my pussy at the same time. It was quite a lot of manouvering. But we managed it. I had two cocks in and I was bubbling with small mini orgasms until they started to pump one after the other then I just lost it. I sort of passed out into a long delerious orgasm, then Mark came followed quickly by Rob. Rob pulled his cock out of my arse the cum Dribbling out into Marks balls. Then Rob knelt down and licked my bumhole and his cum off Marks balls. Marks softening cock plopped out of my pussy and Rob took it in his mouth cleaning the cum and pussy juice of it. Mark didn't complain and neither did I. We just laid there. When we were both cleanish, Rob stood up, turned and walked to the door and said thanks, see you soon. We lay in each other's arms wondering what on earth we had done. Oh well too late for regrets, I had the ironing to finish. I think at some point Mark will suck Robs cock and vice versa. It's going to get interesting !!