Written by Heather C

17 Jan 2017

My husband Mark asked me how come I had done anal before I met him and never let him do me that way. When I was caught yesterday masturbating by our friend Rob we ended up in a threesome with Rob fucking me up the bum. So here goes.

I was 19 and had moved into the university halls of residence. I had a strict catholic upbringing and did not believe in contraception (well not then anyhow). I had finished with my boyfriend before I came to uni and we had never fucked, I had let him lick and finger my pussy and I had wanked his cock. I guess I was a slow learner. Well there was a lot going on in my halls. Girls had boyfriends stopping over (against the rules) and there was a lot of sex. The girl next door got fucked a lot and I often played with myself listening to her getting shagged and god knows what else. Then Paul came on the scene, to cut along story short I was cock curious and decided I liked him. We got to the stage of kissing and cuddling but he was abit of a gent. I could feel his cock was hard pressing into my leg (large too !!!) and as he had a tracksuit on (I know) I suggested he might like to make himself more comfortable. Well I ended up helping him and I stripped him naked. God he had a lovely cock, semi-erect and getting harder, oozing precum too. I stayed clothed and told him I was curious and wanted to see what he did with his cock so I could learn. I lay down on my bed and told him to stand next to me which he did. His cock was rock hard now and his balls swinging and he was red with embarrassment. I realised he had never done this in front of anyone so I took his hand and placed it on his cock urging him on. He started to tug and for fun I reached up and cupped his balls. Paul exploded and his cum shot everywhere, on my hands, face and shirt. He was so embarrassed he grabbed his clothes and pulled on his pants and ran off. I saw him next day and we agreed to talk it through. He came to my room and I kissed him and I could feel his gorgeous cock was getting hard. I told him it was my turn and I stripped for him. His eyes were on stalks and I told him to kneel. I let him lick each of my tits in turn and this got me going. I wanted to feel his tongue further down, but I wanted to see his cock too. I asked him to strip too which he did in record time. His cock was like a rock. I told him we couldn't fuck but I would go as far as I dared. I told him I wanted him to lick me and I wanted him to lick my arse. I bent over and Paul to his credit got on with it. His tongue licked my bum crack and circled my bum hole. He had done this before and it was delicious and he was getting intense. I noticed he was wanking his cock - where had his inhibitions gone. I was trembling and I asked him to rub his cock end against my bum hole, it was so wet and slippery. He must of spat on his cock as the end of his cock was so deliciulous and moist against my bumhole. The heat was intense and I pushed back slightly and his cock end started to open me up. Well I thought you can't get pregnant this way and it did feel good. I pushed some more curious to see if it would go in. I could feel my bum stretching and opening and his bell end was in, he was slipping it in and out and and then he pushed harder and slid up my back passage. I was quite surprised at how good it felt - good it was fucking brilliant. I came almost instantly and Paul pulled back and pushed foreword and shot a huge amount of cum into my arse. He stayed later that time and I made him lick my arse clean, but I didn't allow him to touch my pussy. Well not that night and that is another story. But that is how I came to be fucked up the bum !!