Written by Heather C

20 Jan 2017

Oh what I week, I have been so horny after writing on here this week and I have been in a constant state of sexual arousal. My nipples have been hard and I have masturbated everyday, sometimes more. I have an itch for orgasms that I can't seem to scratch. Mark my husband has done his best delivering his cock as needed, indeed he has fucked me at least twice a day. The best thing to come out of this is that I am also back to getting a cock up my bum. If you recall I wrote about my early days at Uni when an old friend Paul suffered my sexual teasing when I had him wank for me, cum in my mouth and shoot his sperm up my bum and then oil me up and glide up my arse. As a catholic girl I thought this was what I should do. My husband read this whilst he was away with work and when he arrived home the folllowing day, despite me having masturbated almost constantly I was delighted to see him. I was still in my uniform from work and he just walked I and showed me the baby oil. He told me to strip to my (black) underwear, I did and he squirted me with oil. I rubbed it around my belly and down over my Knickers which stated to become transparent. Mark has never fucked my bum and I had never done it since uni. So the excitement was building. I told Mark to strip naked. He didn't need asking twice and his cock bounced out rock hard. I told him to stand and wank - this was new he has never masturbated in front of me. I was hot and oily and my hand started to rub my front and slide into my panties. My clit was hard, my nipples were hard and my pussy was wet and now oily. We were stood in our hallway, Mark naked, erect and wanking and me in my black underwear, oily and rubbing my pussy. We giggled and I reached out to grab his cock to drag him to our bedroom. Mark grabbed his oil and squirted some on my lower back and slid his hand around in the oil and into the back of my panties. I just New he was trying for my bumhole. I fell face down on our bed and Mark pulled my panties off. He squirted oil on his hands and cock and more on my bum cheeks, making sure it oozed down my bum crack and he then straddles me. His hands rubbing my buttocks and his cock sliding into my bum crack. He was breathing heavy and I knew he was close to coming, so told him to get off and lye next to me. He reluctantly did and I held his oily cock. Stroke my bum Mark were the words that came out of my mouth and he reached over and slid his fingers over my ass. He rubbed the oil in more and his fingers drifted down my crack. He was probing until he found my bum hole. I was lying on my other hand circling my clit and fingering myself. I also had hold of Marks cock and then his finger found my bum. He circled his fingers round my bum hole and I came. I was so horny my pussy squirted and I spread my legs. Mark had a finger sliding in and out of my butt and then a second finger pressed in. He was opening my back passage for his cock. Neither he nor I could stand it any longer and he mounted me, his cock sliding along my bum crack and stopping at my bumhole. He pushed and his bellend started to open my bum, his head was in, god it felt tight and then he pushed and I forced my bum to relax and Mark started to slide his cock slowly up my bum. Oh god I was cumming again and trembling and Mark was struggling I think with the tightness and heat of my back passage. My fingers were going mad on my clit too. Mark managed to get balls deep and I came again. God it was so fulfilling, so good and so fucking hot. He pulled back slowly leaving his bellend in and then started to slide back. I was cumming again and then Mark started to come. His sperm burst inside me and I could feel the pulsing and the ejacution erupt inside me. I squeezed his cock and Mark gasped and trembled. Oh god Heather this is fantastic. He held me tight and I could feel his cock deflating and his come starting to dribble out. And so, we embark on a new aspect of sexual activity in our sex life. Something I was ashamed to admit I enjoyed and somethingmy husband was reluctant to try. Thanks to SH we are an anal fucking couple. Cock, pussy, mouth & bum. God I love sex and a cock up my bum.