Written by Heather c

4 Mar 2017

My bumhole is abit sore as I have been double penetrated by Mark my husband and our friend Rob. Rob called round at tea time before Mark came home from work as he owed me some money. I was just getting changed out of my uniform and heard the door bell. I only had my panties on so grabbed my dressing gown to put on, it is thin and silky and went to open the door. It was Rob who had called on spec to pay his debt. The cold air had an inmeadite effect on my nipples and they popped up. Rob noticed immediately and said pleased to see me ! Cheeky git, so I asked him if he was in the same state ? Rob had fucked me before and he has a lovely cock and he has also sucked off my husband too. Well not far off seeing you in that outfit Heather. Dare you to strip Rob then I said before I could help myself. Rob looked quite abashed and said really ? Really I said, let me see your cock, in fact I want to see you wank. I pushed him to the lounge and grabbed his cock, come on strip for me. So he did, slowly down to his boxers. I could see his cock was hard and I moved behind him to rub my hands down his body, grabbing his cock and easing it out from his boxers. His precum was leaking out and I swirled it round his circumcised cock head. It was wet hard and then I let go. Come on Rob I said wank for me ! So he reached to hold his cock and and stated to pump his cock. He looked very uncomfortable and abit embarrassed. This was compounded when Mark walked in from work and saw me watching Rob wanking. Both men looked taken aback so I just started to strip Mark's clothes off him. Rob I told to keep wanking and I was already feeling Mark hardening and when I got my hand on his cock it swelled. Mark was looking at Rob wanking and I had them both naked now and I slipped off my dressing gown. I reached to hold Robs cock and was rewarded with a hard cock in each hand. I pumped them both and then brought them together and squeezed their heads together against my lips rubbing my tongue over them in turn. Come on boys 69 for me please I asked, they were uncomfortable and I moved my hands down to squeeze their balls. Holding them both by the bollocks and with a firm grip I told them to kiss, sticking my tongue out to join a three way tonguing. Rob reached round but to my surprise Mark started to kiss Rob and his hand had reached out to caress Robs cock. I was still holding both guys balls but was delighted to see Rob return the gesture. Here I was holding two men's balls why they gently wanked each other and kissed. Fucking hell this was hot and my pussy was soaking my panties. Come on 69 guys I urged and Rob moved to lie on the settee holding and pumping his cock and Mark climbed over him and took his cock into his mouth. Rob did the same and there I was surplus to requirements, what had I done ? My husband and our friend were naked together sucking each other's cocks. Fucking hell I pulled down my panties, kicking them off and stroking my slippery wet pussy. My clit was engorged and I came very quickly. The gasping sound I made caught the guys atttention and they turned to me, please fuck me, please and with that the guys disengaged and Rob reached the chair I was sat on and slid in next to me pulling me on top of him and I got his cock head inside me. It slid further in and I came again. He was squeezing my tits and I then felt my husband behind me, he was licking my bumhole and I just trembled. I had Robs cock deep inside me and my bumhole being rimmed. I was in heaven or nearly, I was moving slowly on Robs cock and Mark was rimming and pushing a finger or two up my bum. I then felt him press his cock head on my bumhole, it was slippery and pushing my bumhole open and then in one swift motion he slide it all the way in. Oh my, what a fantastic feeling. I came instantly I was so full of cock and then first Mark pumped me and then Rob. Their cocks were so deep and the feeling so intense. I could feel their cocks so close and so hard inside my body. I came again and again, wave after wave and then first Rob and then Mark came, shooting their cum into me. I had a finger on my clit and rubbed, I was weak with pleasure and my pussy and bum were on fire. As the cocks eventually lost their hardness I could feel the cum dribbling out, I was welled fucked, literally. I was a mess but well satisfied and I had not even had any tea ! Not a bad start to the weekend for a Friday evening Surely I am one lucky girl, I think I quite like two cocks at once !