Written by wicksie1v

13 Feb 2009

I had moved from a flat to a nice big house with my girlfriend and was worried as I hadn't recieved any mail. So I went round to my old place, it was lunchtime so I was hoping someone was in as I knew the guy who bought it from me had rented it out as he had gone abroad.

I knocked on the door and this stunning brunette with long slender legs and short skirt answered, I gave her a beaming smile and asked her if there was any mail for me, she said'yes! loads' and apologised that she hadn't bothered to ring me as the landlord had given her my number but she had been so busy lately and she smiled and said, 'I will now tho, seeing your so handsome she said with a smile and a bounce. She opened the hallway cupboard and there at the bottom was quite a stack, mostly junk mail but some important stuff like cheques, etc,. I sat cross legged as I worked through them quickly and then she came over and squatted right next to me, I could see her beautiful panty clad pussy and just gaped. My jaw or tongue must have been hanging as she looked down and saw what I was staring at and went to apologise' I'm sorr.....' 'don't be I said, that is the most beautiful sight I have seen for ages' she smiled nervously and said I'm sorry, but mainly 'cos my husband is in the front room' I looked right at her and slipped my hand over her pussy, she gasped softly and I pulled her panties aside and started sliding my finger along her slit, she was soaking and as I found her clit she bit her lip and grabbed my hand, I slid two fingers gently in and she shivered, as I pistoned my figers in and out I said 'can I come round later? A voice from the front room interupted us as hubby called out her name and she said 'he should be going back to work soon, ring me in about half an hour and quickly wrote her no on my arm, shouting out 'be right with you darlig'.

Hmmmm, I thought, this was going to be interesting, assumming she doesn't have a sudden burst of guilt and change her mind. I left with a bag of mail and went to the pub for a pint and after about 40 mins rang her. I thought you weren't going to ring she said, and I replied 'does that mean you still want me round?', Oh! yes' she said, and I said are you still wearing those hot wet panties? she said 'yes' then I said take them off, now....I could hear her breathing and shuffling about, then I said where are you? In the bedroom and sitting on the bed, to which I replied lie back and part your thighs for me, close your eyes and slide your had down and tell me how wet you are? ' I am soaking and so open I need a cock', to this I replied I am walkig towards the flat now and my cock is so hard, I can't wait to lick your pussy and fuck you. A groan at her end told me she was still playing so I said 'slide two fingers in and fuck yourself hard' I heard her groan as she complied and then said, as she became more noisy, 'faster, I want you to cum for me now, right now, cum for me' and she went for it. I had got to the front door by the time she was saying 'I'm gonna cum' I said 'you have a choice, open your door or cum' 'fuck' she said, and there she was at the door and almost dragged me in. She was so horny and as we went into the bedroom she backed up to the bed where I pushed her and grabbed her thighs and lifted them. forcing them wide apart I sunk to my knees and sucked and licked her pussy as if my life depended on it. she was gabbling on about how her hubby never licks her and how fucking horny she was feeling and that she never knew it could be so good. I could see and feel her tight pussy clamping and releasing and I just used my tongue like a cock and fucked her with it, all the time her legs were up in the air and wide. 'I'm gona cum' she said and squirted at my face, beautiful gorgeous liquid nectar and she just came and came as I tried to swallow every drop. She was lifting her hips as she went through her spasms and I slipped a thumb into her arse. this made her cum again and she actually pushed herself onto my thumb. I stood up as she sort of swooned and gathered her senses, and pushed her top up and her bra, she had small pert tits with wonderful puffy nipples and as I leaned down and sucked them she undid my trousers and got my cock out. 'mmm your so hard and big she said' my hubby's cock is limp most of the time and half this size', I replied, 'you'll enjoy this then' and grinned at her. She was guiding me into her when I said 'wait, rub my tip against your clit' she did, 'she moaned and I said 'cum for me, hun, cum for me!' a few more seconds and she was about to cum, building up to a beauty, I leaned forward and whispered 'just when you cum put me at your entrance so I can slide in', she slide my cock up and down a few times along her slit just to part her lips more and get my cock lubricated and resumed the actio on her clit, then, as she really started moaning( I guess she knew what was cumming)she lifted herself and pushed my cock against her saying fuck me, fuck me!. I pushed in as hard as I could and she just gasped and was shaking all over, I pounded away and she stopped shaking and we got into an amazing rythmn, she was looking me straight in the eye and saying, I love the way you fuck, and then she started shaking again. I let go of her thighs which she gripped me with and dug her heels into my buttocks trying to drive me in harder. I got harder and faster and there it was, that wonderful feeling as I began to cum, I leant forward and sucked her nipples, she wailed as she came again. I felt like I had cum buckets and for ages, I laid on her and she put her arms around me, after what seemed like hours she told me her name was sandy and that she wanted me to move in, or at least fuck her three times a week. We ended up together for three years, after about six months of fooling around and dumping our other halves. sadly, she died in a car accident and I was gutted.

But life goes on and I still search for a love so passionate. thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed it.