Written by Bangor

10 Feb 2012

Me and my ex split up about a month ago but lastnight she rang me and i did not reply the next thing the front door was being bashed in and then my bedroom window i opened the curtains to see her standing there screaming at me. i got out of bed and got dressed and went to see what she was screaming about she had dissapered so i got my car keys and went to her home .

She answered the door in a right stated my ex is small 5 ft 5 and long dark brown hair with brown eyes and olive coloured skin she hugged me and we started to talk after about and hour of her crying and us holding hands she asked me to leave i lent forward as to get up and as i did this she lent forward to we then slowly kissed andstarted to embrace each otherher tounge darting around my mouth expertly i put my hands under her nice rounded arse and lifted her onto me she stradled me and took her top off and her bra to reveal her lovely pert small tits with really nice big hard brown nipples i sucked 1 for a few minutes and then ordered her to play with them to my suprise she did cupping them both and gentely twisting her nipples then she smiled at me and stuck the other in my mouth as she did this i rubbed her pussy through her trousers they felt a bit damp and she withered in excitment everytime i pushed into her i was soon taking her trousers of to reveal the wettest pair of pink cotton panties i have ever seen my ex smiled as i got up from undernith her and left her kneeling on the sofa facing the wall i got behind her and got my rock hard cok out and as she expected my cock i gave her my finger she looked a little confused but i then stuck my head down to her nicely shaven pussy and licked for all i was worth in and out up and down she screamed for my cock and i obliged slowly giving her my meat she took every inch of my hard 8 inches and i pumped away listening to her breathless screams then she said rub it on my arse i took it out and started to rub it on her ares as i did this her pussy juices must of lubed up for me cause it took me about 1 minutes to bury my cock in her arse as she screamed if you Fuck my arse hard you will make me cum i did just that and she came she knelt there breathless and i was well up for a good play time by now with her pussy jucies shinning in the light i pulled out and said suck me now she said no way thats been up my arse i aint sucking that so i pulled her aroundand kissed her hard the next thing i knew she was sucking away screaming for my cum as she got to the top of my cock she shouted cum in my Cunt and i said no in your mouth she agreed and then said Fuck it no my cunt and i will finger myself and eat your cum from my pussy as she lay back on the sofa and smiled with a cheeky glint in her eye i came in her pussy and she did finger herself and eat as much of my juices as she coould get hold of i thought that would be it but we got talking about what turned us on she lay there legs open and far enough back that i could see her pussy and entrance to her arse and looked at me so whats do you like then baby she said i told her i have always wanted her to sit on my face and ride it so i could eat all her juices she looked excited and laughed and looked at me again and said baby which hole would you like to fuck next and giggled i went straight for her pussy and she squeeled anfer 5 minutes she shouted stop get on the floor i lay on the floor and then asked why she did not answer but slowly crawled up my body and kissed my cock then she straddled my cock and kept moving up fuck i thought please sit on my face she did just that for 20 minutes it was like drinking water from a tap full of cunt jucie as she pushed her pussy down and pulled my head up the cum was all over my face and i loved it we stopped again and talked she said she wants to fuck me outside maybe in a toilet cubicle and i said i wanted a 3 sum she said i aint fucking a girl to which i replyed i dont want it with a girl she looked at me stunned and said what another bloke i said yes i want to see her take 2 of us on she agreed and now we are looking for someone to play with us . we wnt upstairs and started to fuck again i went down on her and shecame again before we fell asleep in eachothers arems .cant wait for next time i think i might suggest dogging .