Written by Johnny

21 Apr 2010

Alice has just turned 70, widowed about 10 years ago. We met at an end of term party for my wife’s evening class a couple of years ago. The deal has been that if I’m late back from an event after work she comes and picks me up from the station, we go back to her place, I fuck her and she takes me home. She certainly doesn’t look or act her age. She still wears stockings and suspenders, has a fabulous arse, firm tits and, as I’ve discovered, seems to be always up for a good shag.

A couple of nights ago I rang to see if my taxi service was available and there she was at the station when I arrived. We kissed deep throat and I squeezed her nipples hard through the thin top she was wearing, which always turns her on. I told her I’d got a surprise. In Bushey there’s a dogging car park I’d read about on SH, but the odd time I’d gone, no action. Anyway I directed her to the car park and I think she thought we’d be fucking in the car – not for the first time. And we would, if there hadn’t been a 4x4 parked opposite with what looked like a black guy on his own in the driver’s seat. Alice was kissing me when the other car’s lights flashed. I told Alice to get out and took her over to the car where we could see through the window that the black guy was having his prick sucked by a blonde. Her tits were hanging out of her top and the guy was kneading them whilst she sucked him off. He signalled to us to get in and we watched as the blonde carried on sucking his long shaft and balls. Sat on the back seat, I ran my hand up Alice’s skirt past her stocking and along her bare thigh. Her knickers were sopping wet as she stared at this great black prick in front of her. I moved my fingers inside her knickers and started running my fingers round her cunt. You could hear a squelching sound from the juices which were really flowing and she gave a loud gasp. The black guy turned round. Looks like you could do with something to fill that cunt. Turn round and kneel on the seat. Alice looked at me and I nodded to her. Told you I’d got a surprise I said. She turned round, hitched up her long skirt and I pulled down her knickers and carried on fingering her. Her round white arse showed up in the moonlight. She’s got a thick bush which poked out and was glistening with juices. The black guy climbed over and slowly eased his prick right up her. As he got into his rhythm she was crying and moaning whilst I carried on fingering her. It was amazing feeling this huge great shaft running past my fingers in and out of her cunt. Meanwhile the blonde had squeezed in and had her soft lips round my knob and was massaging my balls. As Alice came near to her climax I could hold out no longer and shot my load into the blonde’s mouth. Alice was by now screaming fill me right up, when the black guy came with a great groan and carried on pumping his cum into her. When he came out a trail of cum dribbled down her thigh. After a while, Alice had recovered, we got out and she drove me back to my place. I wasn’t sure I could make it again, but the thought of what had just happened and Alice kneeling on the floor with her legs apart, cum still dribbling out of her, got me hard and we both came again before it was time to go home.