Written by partysue

20 Dec 2008

this year our works do was held at the bosses house. i name is sue i am 26 , blonde with a 35 26 36 figure , my workmate lyn is the same size and 24. as it was a fancy dress party we both got spray tans and little santa outfits. we went out drinking round the town and got there at about 10.

we were having a good time,but this old man ,it turns out he was the bosses dad , kept touching our bottoms. our boss is 59 and it turns out his dad is Bill 83 and a randy old sod.

anyway some how i ended up sat on his knee , i had one arm around his neck and a drink in the other,when all of a sudden his hand went up my thigh, under my outfit and touched my pussy ,and i could feel his hard on ,against the back of my thigh.

i stood up and went over to lyn and she said he had groped her earlier but she shocked me when she said she had got turned on and reached inside his pants and held his cock and she was surprised how big he was. we both went up to the bathroom , and when we came out Bill was stood there with a piece of mistletoe , he held it above him and asked for his kiss so lyn went over and started kissing him full on the lips , he then dropped his hands and ran them up the back of her thighs and up her outfit ,grabbing her bottom. she then reached down and grabbed his cock, i said lyn what are you doing, he is old enough to be your grandad . she said i cant help it i am as wet as fuck and at that they both fell into a bedroom. i still cant believe what happened then,but i will blame the drink.

i followed them in and shut the door and within a minute he was naked ,lyn had her panties off and bills cock was in her mouth , as she sucked him he asked me to get on the bed and show him my pussy so i took my thong off and sat next to her , i took his cock and as i sucked him lyn stripped off

then he asked me to strip , so in 2 mins we were all naked and on the kingsized bed .i started kissing lyn ,then as i started licking her shaved pussy old bill entered me from behind and for 20 mins he had sex with us both, when he was ready , he came in our mouths , then he watched me and lyn

having sex with each other until he was ready again , when we asked how he could manage ,he told us he had taken 2 viagra half an hour ago .

we had sex for another hour , he even did us anally and i must say that for an old man he had some stamina , we both had at least 3 orgasms. eventually we all got dressed and went back to the party.

bill asked if we could get together again with him and some of his friends,so we said we will think about it. if we meet we will let you know