Written by Dale

27 Jan 2016

We have gone into this slowly and have been extremely happy that we have progressed this far. It’s been an exciting ride and I liken it to a sexual adventure novel that you read only we are the star characters.

My wife was worried about her having sex with another man with me there. I accepted that and was more than happy for her to go alone. Neither of us had ever been with more than one person at a time and it seemed a huge step to take first up.

So she went out and slept with 3 different men over a period of a year. One was a one nighter as he was hopeless but she went with the other two quite a few times.

She saw them about once a fortnight and for a couple of months saw them both but not together.

She enjoyed the thrill of having a lover or lovers and it really boosted her well being. She exercised more, dressed beautifully and seductively and has become more outgoing. It was a real confidence booster.

To me, her coming home after being with one of these men was like an aphrodisiac. She would tell me about the date, what they did, especially what he did and how she reacted. I would be all over her and we would fuck madly. Usually I would have her twice over a couple of hours. Brilliant.

Then we came in contact with a friend we hadn’t seen for years. My wife had always liked him and they had flirted many times in the past.

He was divorced and played around but nothing permanent.

After meeting up with him again we both thought he may be ideal for her to have sex with and she thought it would be good if I was part of it. We were all friends and could relax.

She and he took up really where they left off with the flirting and over a drink I asked him if he would like to fuck her as we were both happy to include him.

He was more than happy and came over especially the next evening to fuck my wife. He had never had sex with 3 people before so this was first for him.

He was very excited about it and said he had dreamed about her for years. He couldn’t believe his luck. He came prepared and produced a packet of condoms. He said he didn’t feel comfortable cumming in someone else’s wife, particularly mine as we were friends.

But we changed his mind though.

That was something she and I wanted. The other three lovers had all worn protection. This made me the only man to cum inside her properly since we had been married.

We told him he didn’t need the condoms as we felt safe with him.

To put everyone at ease I made us all a drink but by the time I had the three drinks ready our friend and my wife were kissing and feeling each other’s bodies. He had his hand between her legs and inside her panties.

He told us later he was surprised when he felt her wet hairless pussy. My wife has been regularly waxed; in fact the only hair on her body is on her head. She has had waxing and laser to remove all the rest.

I dragged them to our bedroom and he soon had his head between her legs giving her a good tonguing. She screamed and came hard twice in a row and asked him to fuck her. That was music to my ears.

He climbed on top of her and gave her a good going. I could also say she gave him a good ride. Anyway after about 10 minutes he groaned that he was going to cum and pulled his uncovered cock out of her. My wife then grabbed his cock, pushed it back down and put it back inside her before he was able to cum on her stomach. He ended up cumming all inside my wife’s cunt.

I got to watch another man cum inside my wife, what a feeling to know he’s reached the height of ecstasy with her. Very hot!

He started to apologise. She pushed her mouth to his and kissed him deeply. I patted him on the back and said, fantastic mate.

He rolled of her and as his cock pulled out of her she lay with her legs spread and his cum started to leak out of her so freshly fucked cunt and dribble down to her bum. I so much wanted to dive down a lick her myself but I dared not as she had warned me not to do it. She did not want to scare him.

We started to talk and she told him how good he had been and praised his cock.

Once again he confirmed that he couldn’t believe his luck as he had got to fuck her and we were congratulating him.

He made to get up and get dressed and my wife told him not to move. She leaned over and took his shrunken and sticky cock in her mouth and she proceeded to lick and clean him. While she did this she let his cock from her mouth long enough to tell me it was my turn and told me to get on the other side of our bed behind her.

I did and while she sucked his cock and balls I entered and fucked her from behind. I reached under her and rubbed her clit and she started to cum. She nearly choked with his cock in her mouth. He had got hard again. She is good with her mouth.

I came in her and once I had finished moved away.

She then straddled him and sat on his cock. My cum and her juice flooded out over him and she began to ride him. She came again fairly quickly as she was leaning forward on him so her clit was getting massaged by his body as she thrust forward and back.

She then got off him and lay on her back and said to him, you get on top and fuck me like before.

He did and lasted much longer than he did before. He then shot his second load into her.

He never tried to pull out this time as he had got the message loud and clear.

After that he got dressed and my wife kissed him and walked him to the front door naked.

She then came back to bed and said, I know what you want.

She had not wiped her pussy and it was still cummy as was her legs and whole crutch. I dived in and sucked her clean. I have licked my own out of her but never someone else’s. It was every bit as good as I thought it would be.

I fucked her then and before we fell asleep she told me that she had asked him to come back the following night and to bring some clothes and stay over as it was a Friday night. She had done this when she saw him to the door. She had really enjoyed him and asked him back even before we had discussed it.

He came back and stayed 2 nights.

All this happened about 3 years ago and we see him a lot. He must nearly fuck her as much as I do. He doesn’t see anyone else.

Incidentally, he knows about me going down on her and having a creamie. I do it in front of him. He’s ok with that and happy that I enjoy it.

We are all still good friends, he is her best friend. He understands totally that I like him using my wife.

For her, the she is fucked the more she likes it.