Written by Daren 873

20 Dec 2008

My partner Amy and I have been together for 10 years and we are both professional people in our late thirties. Amy is very curvy, ten stone with long dark hair and a great pair of boobs. I am slightly above average in the cock department and very medium in all other respects.

Our sex life is very good and involves a lot of fantasies, porn and story telling, although we have never involved a third party until this summer.

When I first met Amy she lived alone in a flat in London after her flatmate Ruth had left to work in the States. We moved in together and 5 years ago moved out to a nice quite village just outside the M25.

Although I never met Ruth , Amy would often talk about her and they were in contact via e mail. One night whilst on holiday we were having a fantasy during sex about Amy rubbing oil into a womans breasts who was sunbathing by us the whole day. Amy climaxed in a very powerful way and over dinner that night I talked about nothing else. Whether it was the wine or just the constant questioning I dont know but Amy confessed that when she lived with Ruth they started sleeping together and pleasuring each other whenever there were no men in their lives. Back at the hotel Amy went into great detail about their relationship which began when Amy caught Ruth playing with herself in the shower. They would they kiss and cuddle as a substitute for there being no men in their lives before it eventually turned into a very horny sexual relationship.

The thought of Amy with Ruth was a real turn on and my fantasies were now always about them both. In July of this year Ruth came over to London on business and said she wanted to met up with Amy.

It was a lovely Friday evening when Amy went to London to meet Ruth. I got home late from work and at about midnight I got a text from Amy telling me to pick her up from the station in 20 minutes. As she got off the train Amy looked fantastic, short skirt and low cut top with high heels. As I went to give her a peck on the cheek she rammed her tongue down my throat, her hand began to rub my cock which responded immediately. She pushed me behind a bike shed and within seconds my cock was slipping in and out of her wet cunt, my hands on her arse lifting her slightly off the ground. Amy was as horny as fuck. Fuck me she whispered into my ear I need some cock as I`ve been licking and fingering Ruths cunt all evening. With that I shot my load deep into her.

On the drive home Amy told me about her hours of passion with Ruth and when we got in we fucked for 2 hours, it was the most intense sex we had ever had.

In the morning Amy informed me that Ruth was coming down and staying the night. As she told me my cock began to rise again, Amy straddled it and slowly began to grind her hips. She explained in very fine detail exactly what she expected of me and basically its was anything goes. I could not believe my luck I was going to have my first ever threesome with a couple of stunning women.

Ruth was a looker, fairly tall, thin with a blonde bob and nice pert tits. We all went out for a late lunch but by late afternoon we were back home suitable lubricated by 3 bottles of wine.As we sat in our living room I watched Amy and Ruth kiss and fondle each other. They slowly and very erotically undressed each other.Amy told me to come a join in the fun.

My cock was as hard as it had ever been . I sat next to Ruth and began to suck on her tit her hand began to wank my cock. Amy was sucking on Ruths other boob. Ruth opened her legs and Amy slipped a couple of fingers inside. As Amy did she told me to fuck Ruth.My cock slid straight into Ruths cunt and she groaned with pleasure as I slowly gave her my full lenght and then pulled out and rubbed my cock up and down her clit. Amy was kissing Ruth and her boobs, Ruth was coming and soon she exploded with a massive orgasm. Amy knew I was close and knelt in front of me and told me to cum in her mouth. What a feeling it was to pull my cock out of another womans cunt straight into Amys mouth. She swallowed it all and then sucked every last drop from my throbbing shaft.

I sat down absolutely fucked. The girls continued to play with each other and I was amazed at how quickly I was ready

to join in again. As the girls were in a lovely 69 position on the floor I eased my prick into Amys fanny. For about 20 minutes I was fucking either Amy or Ruth. As I was fucking Amy I came again. Amy then just sat up a little and I watched as my cum dribbled out of her cunt and into Ruths mouth.

The rest of the evening was just as erotic and my cock was very sore by the end of it. The next day followed a similar pattern but with one lovely twist. The girls cunts were so sore that they both let me fuck them up the arse. Amy filmed me fucking Ruth up the bum and then I filmed Amy licking up my spunk from Ruth lovely brown star.

Ruth has invited us to the States next year and we are going to take her up on the offer. I must be the luckiest man alive.