Written by Brian10

17 Mar 2014

Hi the last time we posted was 9th Aug 2013 .The Antique Shop . Witch I hope you all enjoyed by the comments posted I think you did .Marg and I own a small antique shop in the centre of a small town ,we have owned it for over 15 years and in that time have got to know who owns what in our street .I have got to know Ron In the past 5 years since taken over the photographic shop 3 doors down from ours he is 71 years of age but still very active .After closing for the night I was walking to pick up the car when I heard Ron shouting my name ,he ask me if I fancied a quick drink as he had something to tell me.I said I did not have time as I had to meet Marg .He said we will talk in the morning .At about lunchtime Ron came in and ask me if I could meet him after work in the pub he said he was closing down and wanted me to know first .That night we meet for a pint and told me about closing down and that things had been really slow .He said he had some things in the shop that I would like and after we finished I could have a look .We walked from the pub to his shop and went in. After Looking at various things he looked out a large folder sat me down and showed me a number of photos of young women in nude And semi nude he told me this was the new thing women wanting to pose for their boyfriends or husbands they were really sexy photos .Ron asked if I would a whiskey an got a bottle out from the desk .He asked if I had ever taken photos of Marg I said I had but no where as good as these he then said he would be happy to take some before closing down for good .The thought of this turned me on as you will know by my last post,and I knew Marg would be well up for it .For you who do not know Marg is 52 long blond hair she worked for a major airline for over 20 years goes to jim twice a week and is a very sexy women and she likes and I like to show her off . But more to come later someone has just come in the shop