Written by unevano

10 May 2010

Been having lots of fun fucking Jenny, my new 62yr old neighbour... including last Friday when we parked up at a local beauty spot near Castle Eden. We went walking and came across a secluded bushy area off the beaten track that had a large tree right in the middle. After lots of persuasion I finally got Jenny to take her knickers off and she lifted her skirt up so I could fuck her up against the tree. After a nervy start she really got into it and was loving being fucked outdoors in broad daylight. I was pumping away with all I could give her and she had her legs wrapped around me as I exploded my load into her just as we could hear voices of ramblers walking past. Jenny was in a fantastic mood as we drove back and she even sucked me off part of the way back as she was so turned on by what we'd just done.

She went away on Saturday morning and is down on the South-Coast for a week visiting family which gave me the opportunity to have a go at her very sexy daughter Carly.

As mentioned previously, she'd already asked her mum to get my number and we have swapped a few texts in the last week or so.

I sent her a flirtatious message on Saturday afternoon which lead to us swapping half a dozen texts that got more and more provocative as we went on. It lead to us going out for Sunday lunch yesterday and spending the day in Whitby. When we got back she came to mine and ended up staying the night and am pleased to say I have now fucked both mother and daughter.... though the disappointing thing is that Carly is not very adventurous at all and her mother is by far a much better fuck.

I now have to tread carefully because out of the two I'd much rather keep fucking Jenny and there's no way I'll get away for too long doing them both.

I'll let you know what transpires!!!!!!