Written by Lucky girl

20 Feb 2010

My wife and I have just been away for a couple of days in Dorset and stayed in a very nice pub in the middle of nowhere. It was surrounded by only about a dozen houses and had rooms in an outside block away from the main building. We are both in our mid forties and reasonably fit from many hours spent in the gym.

We arrived about 6 ish and opened the two bottles of wine we had bought with us. After a couple of glasses and a bath, we went to have our evening meal. There were about 10 people in the bar all settling down to their dinner, all staying in the pub. They were mostly middle aged couples, except one old gent of about 65.

We chatted to most people and after our very nice meal and a few more wines, we sat at the bar chatting to the old chap.

He lived on his own as his wife had died about 5 years previously. He liked to travel on his own and meet new people and had been reccomended to this pub by his brother who had stayed recently. About 10 oclock we said that we were going back to our room, and he left at the same time. His room was next to ours and as we got to our door, my wife asked him if he would like to join us for a last drink to finish the wine in our room. He was delighted as I think he seemed a bit lonely and very keen to chat.

My wife was wearing a short denim skirt, a low cut top, and holdups with no knickers as we were both feeling horny staying away from home. I looked at her as if to say 'what's happening?' and she smiled at me and unlocked the door and entered the room. She sprawled on the bed and Rod sat on the small sofa next to it. I poured us all a glass of wine and sat at the bottom of the bed.

I could see her short skirt riding up her legs and the tops of her holdups were showing. From where I was sat I could see her pussy and she smiled at me as I looked.

Rod was a very nice old chap and I know that she liked the look of him.

I had to go to the toilet and went into the bathroom and peeked through the door to see if he was having a look at her. She got up from the bed to refill his glass and as she did, he had a good look up her skirt as she swung her legs over. When she had filled their glasses she sat on the edge of the bed facing him with her legs drawn up to her chest. I knew she was deliberately showing him her pussy as it is something that we both enjoy.

I returned and sat in the same place again. He was nearly staring between her legs and she was slowly running her hand up and down her leg as if she was doing it subcounsciously. By this time we were all quite drunk and inhibitions were fast disappearing. I had seen her do this before and her hand brushed her pussy as she slowly stroked her leg. Rod was openly staring at her pussy and she suddenly got up and said I am going to get ready for bed.

He went to get up and before he could move, she pulled off her top, undid her bra and slid it off her shoulders. She has gorgeous tits and large thick nipples and they were hard, about a centimetre long. She went to the case and opened it and looked through the clothes wearing only her shortskirt and holdups. Rod just stared at her as she undid her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She was now only wearing holdups and she went to him and started kissing him. I must admit I was shocked at her boldness, but he responded and started feeling her tits, and pinching her nipples.

She stood up and pulled him onto the bed and felt for his cock. She undid his trousers and pulled them down so that she could hold his very hard cock. He did not even look at me as his hand went between her legs and pushed his fingers in her wet pussy.

She removed the rest of his clothes and started to suck his cock which was about average length and thickness. She got on top of him and sat on his cock as she guided it into her. He was roughly feeling her tits and pulling her nipples as she bounced up and down on him and she had her first small orgasm. I could see the wetness on his cock and knew how wet she got when she is really horny.

She rolled off him and pulled him on top of her and he pushed his cock into her and slowly fucked her with long strokes. I could tell she was building up to a big cum as she was pulling him in hard every time he thrust into her. She took about 10 minutes to cum and as she groaned loudly, he went rigid as he also came into her at the same time.

He groaned several times as he came and she grasped his bum hard as he shot his spunk into her several times. He collapsed onto her and went very limp and she had to push him off.

As I had been watching, I had undressed and as he rolled off I took his place and slid very easily into her spunk filled pussy. She was like a woman possessed as she thrust against me and came within 30 seconds, closely followed by me.

Rod seemed to be sleeping quietly and as I got off she turned to him and kissd him on the lips. He responded and they had a very gentle 10 minutes of cuddling until Rod got up and got dressed. They kissed at the door as he left and he went to his room.

We went to bed and I fell asleep very quickly and slept all night.

In the morning, she climbed on top of me and she told me that she had gone to his room about 2 in the morning and had spent the majority of the night with him, and he had managed it another two times. She had only got back as it got light and had a thoroughly nice night with him. She was very wet with his spunk and felt quite loose and well used. I took only a couple of minutes to cum as she had yet another cum and felt his spunk run out over me.

He had insisted on giving her his number but she said that she probably won't see him again as he lives a good distance away from us.

I know she really enjoyed it so won't be surprised if one day she meets her randy old lover.