Written by Jack

1 Jan 2014

I have just had one of my fantasies fulfilled which is for my wife Annie to be touched up and maybe fucked by an old man.

We were out this morning in the pouring rain after a very late new year's eve party with too much to drink. So we thought we'd go for a walk to clear our heads,

Annie is shortish, long blonde hair, very curvy figure...meaning a nice hourglass figure with large tits, finished off by organ stop nipples. She knows about my fantasy and has always said if the opportunity arose then she would go for it.

After we had walked a fair distance and were just thinking of coming home when it started to absolutely hammer down with rain. We were already fairly wet but decided to shelter under a door canopy. It was a street of terraced houses with no front gardens and the canopy gave us some protection.

We had been stood there about 5 minutes chatting when the the door was opened by an old man. He invited us to step into the hall and stood chatting to us. He was about 75 and had lost his wife about 5 years ago and was glad of the company. After about 10 minutes he asked if we would like to come in for a cup of tea. As the rain did not look like easing we agreed and he took our wet coats and hung them up.

As it had been raining so hard and Annie's coat was not really waterproof, her clothes were quite wet. He asked Annie if she would like her clothes dried. Of course she said no at first and after looking at me and me nodding she then agreed. He asked me to go into the kitchen and put the kettle on while he showed Annie where she could change.

She told me later that he showed her into his bedroom and then offered her a T shirt to wear while her clothes were drying. He left the room but did not close the door behind him as he left and Annie took off all her clothes and dried herself on a towel. At first she was unaware that he was still stood outside the door and was watching her but noticed him as he stepped nearer and pushed the door open further.

She saw him watching but said it actually made her feel quite wicked and allowed him to watch her, even making it easier by turning towards him as she dried her hair with her whole head under the towel. She took a long time drying her hair and pretended she did not know he was there.

He then came back into the room and asked her if he could take her clothes to dry. She loosely wrapped the towel around her and he picked up her clothes from the floor and she said took a long time touching her knickers feeling the gusset. All the time he was looking at her with lust in his eyes. She said she could see a bulge in his trousers and he occasionally rubbed his hand over it.

He said he would take the towel as well as she could put the t shirt on. He actually took it from her and stared at her body while she dressed. He was not a bit subtle and again rubbed his cock as she dressed in the t shirt which was actually too short to cover her pussy.

I had made the tea by this time and she came into the lounge holding it down. We chatted for about 30 minutes while her clothes dried on the radiators and then he said your clothes are dry. He picked them up and said I will carry them upstairs for you. She followed him and I stayed downstairs as I knew this was going to be the time when my fantasy came true.

When she got into the bedroom he put her clothes on the bed and then just reached and started to take off her t shirt. She said by this time she was quite horny as he had been letching at her in the lounge whilst we chatted. She had let him see her pussy as we chatted and this had given him the green light to try something.

The t shirt came off and he just started touching her without being invited. He grabbed her tits and pushed her back onto the bed. As she fell back he started to kiss her and she responded and he reached between her legs and touched her pussy which was quite wet by this time.

He was between her legs and reached down and undid his trousers and took a large cock out and just pushed it into her. He only lasted about 2 minutes as he fucked her hard and fast, but when he came he shot much more cum than I ever did. As he came in her she had a huge orgasm and I could hear her moans from downstairs. I had been unaware quite what was happening at the time until I heard her moans.

He then just got up and left the room and said the rain has stopped.

She got dressed and came downstairs and winked at me.

He showed us to the door and we left and came straight home and fucked all afternoon while she told me about what he did to her.

She even said she may go back and thank him for the shelter.